Facebook's name has been changed to 'rebranding'

Facebook's name has been changed to 'rebranding'

Facebook, which has been tarnished by misinformation and frequent user data leaks, has changed its corporate name. On Thursday, 17 years after its inception, Facebook announced its decision to change its corporate name to 'Meta'.

In addition, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus' parent company will now be Meta Inc. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced the new name during an AR / VR-focused event on Thursday.

He said the new name reflects the company's specific goals and objectives. "To reflect who we are and what we want to create, I proudly announce today that the company's name will be erased, starting today."

Your computer does not support Windows 11? Here's how to install

Microsoft has released the latest version of Windows, Windows 11. Trying to install Windows Evelyn may not be installed on a very old computer. However, it can be easily installed on older computers.

We are telling you how to do Windows 11 even if the computer does not support Windows 11. Follow the procedure below:

1. Download the Windows 11 operating system on your computer:

To download the Windows 11 operating system, go to Microsoft's website and go to the Download Windows 11 option. Click on the download button by clicking on the download option. Choose your language and click on confirm option and go to the 64-bit download option and download.

After downloading Windows 11 operating system, now you have to follow another process.

2. Let's correct the Windows registry to bypass the CPU check

To do this, go to the keyboard and press Windows and R. Then type Regedit in the open run window and press Enter.

In the window that opens now, paste Computer \ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ Setup \ MoSetup, or click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and click on System and Setup and then MoSetup.

Then go to New> DWORD (32-bit) Value on the right and tick “AllowUpgradesWithUnsupportedTPMOrCPU” minus.

Double-click on the new value you created and enter '1' in the value data.

Now close the window by pressing the OK button.

3. Now install the previously downloaded operating system.

Initially install the Windows 11 operating system that we downloaded to the computer. To do this, right-click on the downloaded file and open Open with> Windows Explorer. And, double click on the file and click on the setup option.

After doing so, Windows 11 is also installed on your old computer.

‘Our goal is still the same, to connect people. Our apps and our brands will not change, ”Zuckerberg said at the event.

China builds 1 million times more powerful quantum computers than Google

Researchers at China's University of Science and Technology have developed a quantum computer (a computer that uses quantum physical properties to store and calculate data).

They even claim that Chinese computers are many times faster than today's supercomputers. The research paper states that the computer's computing capacity is tens of millions of times faster than Google's Sycamore processor.

According to a report published in Global Times, the Chinese system is one hundred million times faster than the current fastest supercomputer and its computing capacity is one million times faster than Google's Sycamore processor.

Chinese researchers have built a 66-qubit quantum computer. In which two different technical paradigms, photonic and superconducting have been used. In which they have succeeded in running a special kind of algorithm which is considered to be very complex for traditional computers.

By comparison, Google's Sycamore system is 53 qubits. According to the Chinese research team, it could only use the cable superconducting paradigm.

According to the Chinese research team, their system is so advanced that it can run an algorithm in just one minute, which would take the world's fastest supercomputer 10,000 years.

Copying the Clubhouse feature on Twitter, now you can record the conversation of 'Space'

Twitter, which launched a feature space similar to Audio Social Media Clubhouse, will now allow users to record conversations in space. The feature was also launched at the clubhouse last month.

Twitter's space host will be able to record and share conversations in space. It is now available to a limited number of users and will be available to all users in the future, the company said.

After the host turns on the record in the space, the users there will also be informed.

Just last year, Twitter began making the space available to all users. Previously, only users with more than 600 followers on Twitter could host Twitter.

This week you may receive a message to update Windows 11

 Microsoft is going to make Windows 11 available to more users. The operating system, which went public last month, is now only available on some devices and users have to download or update it themselves.

Now Microsoft is going to send a notification to the user to upgrade to Windows 11. The company has stated that it will start sending notifications to more users to update to Windows 11 from this year.

Microsoft has not disclosed which device users will be notified.

"The availability of Windows 11 has increased and we will be using the machine learning model to upgrade to more qualified devices," Microsoft said.

If some users want to upgrade to Windows 11 before receiving the notification, Microsoft is still offering the facility to upgrade.


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