Zoom's free account also features automatic captions

Zoom's free account also features automatic captions

 Accounts made free by Zoom will now also have automatic captioning. Previously, this feature was only available on Zoom's paid accounts.

In Zoom, users can create a free account and discuss for up to 40 minutes.

Automated captioning for free accounts will now be available in English only.

However, in the future, automatic captions will be introduced in different languages, said Jum. Users will be able to enable automatic captions by going to the Live Transcript option while using Zoom.

How to remove the URL or link that appears in Chrome's address bar?

Chrome's address bar keeps track of the history of each site you visit. These sites and URLs will come in handy the next time you search in the address bar.

How to delete these self-explanatory suggestions? Today we're giving you information on how to remove links and URLs you've used in the past in the Google Chrome address bar.

First of all, open the Chrome browser and type the URL or link you want to remove.

Use the keyboard to navigate to the URL and link you want to remove from the popup suggestion list.

You can delete it by highlighting the link or URL you want to delete.

Mac: shift + FN + Delete

Windage: shift + Delete

Chromebook: Alt + shift + Delete

The highlighted link will be deleted immediately.

You can thus remove unnecessary links or URLs. You can remove old URLs, typo links, unnecessary suggestions, or anything else you want to remove.

Here's how to apply for Twitter's Blue Tick Verification

If you are a Twitter user and have passed the qualifications required for Blue Tick Verification, you can apply for it.

Twitter must contain your real name or something similar. The same rule applies to companies.

On Twitter, you should also mention the verified phone number, email ID, detailed information about the person or company, or brand. Provide a real picture of the company, brand, or account user.

Birthday information should be provided in case of a personal account. Tweets need to be set publicly in Twitter's privacy settings. A scanned copy of a government-issued identity card (documents such as citizenship, passport, or driving license) must be uploaded.

How to apply?

You can apply for verification from the Twitter app and the account settings on Twitter's website.

To do so, click on the three-dotted icon.

Now go to Settings and Privacy.

Go to your account and scroll down to Account Information and tap on Verification Request. Click on Start Request there.

Fill in the required details and submit.

Twitter will then notify you via email if your account has been verified. If your account is not verified, you can apply for verification again after 30 days through the same process.