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Why aren't lost and stolen mobiles found?

Why aren't lost and stolen mobiles found?  The number of people claiming to have lost their mobile phones is on the rise. In the last fiscal year alone, a total of 13,713 mobile phones were reported missing at the Metropolitan Police Complex, Teku, and the Nepal Telecommunication Authority. But only 1,374 of the registered mobiles were found. This means that only ten of the 100 lost mobiles can be found. This statistic shows that very few lost and stolen phones are found in Nepal. According to government figures, 46,731 tenders were registered in the last three years claiming that mobile phones were missing. However, the police have managed to find only 5,089 of them. The Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTAA) has received 2,446 complaints of missing mobile phones in the last three years. According to NEA spokesperson Min Prasad Aryal, only 154 of them have been traced. The regulatory authority is of the view that the main reason for the low number of lost and stolen mobile phon