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Audiobooks are better than eBooks for these 7 reasons

 Audiobooks are better than eBooks for these 7 reasons   The trend of e-book (electronic book ie e-book) is increasing worldwide. The popularity of ebooks has increased as books can be read in digital format from their own devices. Especially by downloading PDF or eBooks from various online platforms, we can read eBooks on our devices for free or by paying a fee. However, the context of the audio book is somewhat different. The 'value' of any book depends on who has read it. But, did you know that audio books are considered much better than ebooks? Journalist Achyut Ghimire is known as a novelist. He recently made a post on social media and said, "Based on the financial expenses involved in preparing a reading book and an audio book, an audio book becomes almost twice as expensive." In Nepal, the practice of buying and listening to audio books is not that much. Readers who recite audio books have uploaded audio books to websites, YouTube channels and other platforms.

6 Reasons Not to Buy the iPhone 14

6 Reasons Not to Buy the iPhone 14 Just two weeks ago, Apple released its long-awaited new iPhone series, the iPhone 14 series. The pre-orders have already started and sales of the new series of smartphones have also started in some countries.