Audiobooks are better than eBooks for these 7 reasons

 Audiobooks are better than eBooks for these 7 reasons

  The trend of e-book (electronic book ie e-book) is increasing worldwide. The popularity of ebooks has increased as books can be read in digital format from their own devices. Especially by downloading PDF or eBooks from various online platforms, we can read eBooks on our devices for free or by paying a fee.

However, the context of the audio book is somewhat different. The 'value' of any book depends on who has read it. But, did you know that audio books are considered much better than ebooks?

Journalist Achyut Ghimire is known as a novelist. He recently made a post on social media and said, "Based on the financial expenses involved in preparing a reading book and an audio book, an audio book becomes almost twice as expensive."

In Nepal, the practice of buying and listening to audio books is not that much. Readers who recite audio books have uploaded audio books to websites, YouTube channels and other platforms. From all three platforms, we can listen to audio books by downloading or accessing them on the Internet.

Today we're going to talk about what makes audiobooks better than ebooks:

1) Audio books help in multitasking.

In terms of multitasking, audiobooks are far ahead of physical books or ebooks. You can do other things while listening to an audio book with headphones, earphones or earbuds.

You can listen to audiobooks especially while traveling, driving, cooking, cleaning. It saves time for reading books and you can do other useful things during that time.

2) When listening to an audiobook, it is as if the events and characters of the story are in front of you.

However, even when reading a book, the events and characters of the story come to mind. But the voice of the person reciting the story and his style make the events and characters come alive. Therefore, when listening to an audiobook, you can feel that the events and characters are very close.

In some cases, the voice of the person reciting the story, the quality of the audio they produce, the style of recitation also make the experience of storytelling different. In the same way, what kind of effects the person reciting the story has put in the audio, how much depth he has immersed himself in, makes the experience different.

You can listen to the audiobook recited by Achyut Ghimire every Tuesday and Friday at 10:00 on the bright radio network (click here to listen to stories recited by Achyut Ghimire online) or online anytime.

Likewise, stories recited by Sygress Pokharel can be heard on the YouTube channel named 'Sigress' with high quality audio. There are many people who read stories on different platforms including YouTube.

3) Audiobooks are also suitable for the visually impaired.

Audiobooks help visually impaired or blind people experience reading books. Audiobooks also reduce the need to be read by others or to depend on visual text.

Similarly, some people may have problems reading books. In particular, people with dyslexia (a disorder that makes it difficult for a person to pronounce words correctly) can also benefit from audiobooks.

Although audiobooks are useful for the general public to people with special abilities, not all books are available as audiobooks.

4) Audiobooks help to increase the ability to listen to others.

Humans tend to keep their own things by nature. However, this habit sometimes leads to a bad situation. In particular, there are many situations where you have to listen to what others say. In such a case, if a person starts talking only about himself, his reputation will be questioned.

This depends on the behavior of the person. If you have a habit of listening to ebooks, people listen carefully to what others say. Similarly, the habit of listening to audio books helps people to pronounce words correctly.

5) Prevents pressure in the eyes.

Audiobooks depend more on the ears than on the eyes. At night, listening to an audiobook will relax your eyes rather than reading an ebook with a light on your eyes. Nowadays, most of our time is spent on computer and mobile screens.

In that case, if you start reading an e-book, your eyes may get more strained. Therefore, this audiobook is suitable for people who spend most of their time on the computer screen.

6) No need to spend time listening to audiobooks.

Audiobooks can be listened to while cutting grass in the village, while doing farming, going to pasture, going for a morning walk in the city, cooking, cleaning the house, etc.

Audiobooks can be listened to without being affected by work other than concentration. It is not possible to say that I do these things while reading an ebook.

7) You can finish what you want to read in a few days by listening to an audiobook.

If we plan to read an ebook or a book, we aim to read it within this time. In all cases it is not possible to fulfill the goal set by oneself.

However, in the case of audiobooks, people can achieve their goals quickly. Therefore, audiobooks are considered more suitable than ebooks.