YouTube Discontinuing Premium Lite Subscription Plan

 YouTube Discontinuing Premium Lite Subscription Plan

YouTube's premium light plan, available only in European countries, is going to be closed. This subscription service, which can be taken for a low fee to watch ad-free videos, will be closed from 25 October.

According to The Verge, YouTube has sent an email to the users who took the subscription and informed them that they are going to stop the Premium Lite service. In 2021, the fee for the premium light service available for users in European countries was set at 6.99 euros per month.

Users who take this service will not see ads while watching any video. Like another premium feature of YouTube, this light service does not have services like offline download, background play. Now there will be two options for users who take Premium Lite service.

One, that you had to watch videos with advertisements, that you had to take a premium subscription to YouTube. In the email, YouTube has mentioned that it will provide a one-month free trial to users who take the Premium Lite service.

For this, the user himself had to close the Lite subscription, which the company closes. YouTube has increased premium and music subscription fees in the US since last July.

Lately, YouTube has targeted Nepali users and encouraged them to take premium subscription on YouTube. The company is promoting its premium service by placing YouTube ads playing in Nepali language.

YouTube says that it will cost $3.49 per month to get this premium fee from Nepal. After taking this service, users will be able to watch videos without ads. Similarly, the company said that you can play videos in the background, download videos and also get YouTube's music premium service.