Where is life in the universe except on Earth?

 Where is life in the universe except on Earth?

The most unanswered question right now is 'Is there life outside the Earth'? From common tea gossip to Houses and international forums, this thing has entered. It has also become a major research topic for international agencies like NASA, ISRO, and JAXA.

However, many space studies have shown signs of life on different planets. Government to private space agencies are engaged in this to set up human settlements on the moon and Mars. The results obtained by studying the data of powerful telescopes are giving strength to the scientists to study more on this subject.

Some even claim to have found evidence of aliens or aliens not outside the earth but on the earth itself. But because there is no concrete evidence, scientists have always denied it.

Last July, three videos were shown to members of the US Parliamentary Committee. The videos taken in the sky by the cameras of US Navy fighter planes were black and white. It was a bit blurry and unclear. In one of the videos, an elliptical object can be seen flying and rotating at high speed. It looks very shiny.

In the video, you can even hear the Navy pilots talking in shock while watching it. In two videos recorded at different times, the same mysterious object can be seen flying in the sky in the same way.

However, these video footages went viral on the internet long ago. But the US Department of Defense officially released those videos only in 2020. The same videos were shown to the US Parliamentary Committee last July.

Then the members of a committee of the US Parliament said that their aim was to get closer to the truth.

Along with this, it has now become a new area of scientific research. The US space agency NASA has recently published a study report on this issue. NASA has also announced that it will appoint a new director to investigate UFOs.

Look at the sky

Greg Ezigian is a professor of history and bioethics at Penn State University in the United States. He said that people have been seeing mysterious objects in the sky for centuries. Objects that fly in the sky in a mysterious way are called Unidentified Objects (UFOs) i.e. Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP).

According to Professor Gage, the first discussion about UFOs took place in 1947 after a private pilot named Kenneth Arnold reported seeing such objects in the sky. The pilot said that while flying near the west coast of the United States, he saw some objects flying in a certain pattern at high speed in the sky. This news soon spread around the world like wildfire.

A journalist named the object that Kenneth saw as a flying saucer. Later such objects were called UFOs. Gradually it started to be believed that such objects may have come from another planet. Also, the number of people claiming to have seen UFOs also started to increase.

Professor Greg Ezigian

Greg says that since the 1950s, UFOs have been discussed more and more. At that time, there were more reports of UFO sightings from the United States, Italy, Spain and Latin America. In 1954, not only did they see a UFO in France, but some also claimed to have seen people inside. After that, reports of UFO sightings continued in the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Greg also speculates that the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union may have caused such news. At that time, both countries were adopting different methods to collect each other's information.

Similarly, there were many who believed that aliens saw the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and out of curiosity or fear, they began to orbit the earth, and more such objects were seen.

Right around the 1950s, the race to go to the moon or space was going on. Based on which, various science fiction books and movies came into the market. Discussions about setting up a human settlement on the moon or Mars also started. This led people to believe that 'if we have such capabilities, civilizations more advanced than us may have more capabilities and sophisticated technology'.

Greg argues that these things also helped to believe in UFOs. Also, after 2010, the media also started writing about it a lot and it increased the discussion among the common people, says Greg.

A new world emerging

Investigative journalist Leslie Kane has been reporting on UFOs for 23 years. According to him, the US Department of Defense has been running a secret program to collect information on UFOs since 2010. She says that in 2017, the head of that program resigned from the job after not receiving financial and other support.

After that, the person called her to a meeting and gave her various documents, videos and information related to UAP, she said. Later, based on that, Leslie published news about UAP in the New York Times.

After that, the topic of UAP also started to be discussed. Also, government officials provided funds for that program. And that matter began to be investigated seriously.

Journalist Leslie Kane

Leslie refers to UFOs as Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) to explain any mysterious thing or event that is not understood. He also said that now there are reports of seeing such objects not only in the sky but also underwater. In June this year, she published another news story in an interview with former senior US intelligence officer David Gruss about the UAP.

David Gruss, whom he interviewed, was also involved in the US military campaign in Afghanistan. Grus said that the U.S. would seize the crashed UAPs and study the materials found there and the remains of their pilots through reverse engineering.

Leslie Kane has said that this is a very important claim and that she has also spoken to people working on the project and senior officials related to the intelligence department.

On the other hand, the US Department of Defense says that the researchers do not have evidence to confirm these claims and that they have never reverse-engineered the UAP. But David Gruce gave his statement under oath in the hearing of the US Parliament. Similarly, other former military officers also narrated their experiences.

Leslie has said that the matter of UAP should be taken seriously by the parliamentary committee and should be investigated as it is an issue of air transport and national security. She has stated that she has been saying this for 17 years and that she has accepted the existence of UFOs.

He says that he took UFOs as a different world. She also argued that the MPs are taking it so seriously because they know a lot about it. Similarly, she said that all the people of the world have the right to know that there is life outside the earth and America has the proof of that.

The truth before the eyes

Adam Frank is a professor of astronomy at the University of Rochester. He says that science has not had much connection with UFOs and UAP so far. He argues that this is because science believes in concrete evidence and not in assumptions and stories.

Also, he says that science has not been able to do anything because most of the information related to these is based on anecdotes and stories heard by people. He also says that scientists do not have the necessary knowledge to work on it.

Professor Frank is also involved in the project conducted by the American space agency NASA to search for life or advanced technology on other planets. But he says that the most important question is where to search for life outside the earth.

Giving an example, he says, "To find a person who lives in Nebraska (a state in the Midwestern region of America), you have to go to Nebraska, not to a mountain village. The same applies to aliens. There are 400 billion stars and as many planets in the solar system. Prithvi is like a small village in the Himalayan region. Aliens should be found where they live."

Professor Adam Fracken

He said that it would be better if there was a transparent discussion and investigation regarding the statement given by the Navy pilots to the US Parliamentary Committee. But he looks at the claim of finding UAP with suspicion. He says these things sound like an episode of The X-Files (an American television show).

Because he says that in the last 70 years, no photos of aliens or crashed UAPs have been found. Instead, he argues the opposite, “Consider one thing. The distances between stars and solar systems are so long that it is dizzying to count them. So if any creature or civilization has the advanced technology to travel such long distances, then it is a little unbelievable to say that its craft came to earth and crashed."

Similarly, Frank says that the video shown to the members of the US parliamentary committee was evaluated by NASA scientists and that the speed of the flying object was only 40 miles per hour. With no extraterrestrial (spacecraft) motion and no solid evidence, scientists have also said that it is only a guess that it was a UFO.

Instead, he reminds us that there are powerful telescopes like James Webb that can detect oxygen in planets hundreds of light years away. He also mentions the ability to get information about what kind of biological diversity there is by studying that planet. But because of this revolution in astrobiology (the science that studies life in the universe), he believes that this generation will know if there is life outside the earth.

Impact on Earth

In Britain's Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Post Detection Hub, Dr. Chelsea Heremia is working as a scientist. The job of this detection hub is to deal with alien technology if found. She says that now there is no such list of tasks for humans to do if aliens are found immediately.

He says that the situation at that time will make a difference. He thinks that if such a situation occurs, people should think about justice and exploitation. Because those in power often try to exploit in such situations, he says.

Similarly, if aliens are discovered, there is another question of how to contact them. She says that at that time, various problems may arise and there may be a situation where technologies need to be shared. But he says that it will be very challenging for any country to exchange its scientific technology and information with another country. Therefore, she expresses the opinion that it is very important to act ethically at that important moment in human history.

Various former and current intelligence officials, people who believe they have seen UFOs believe there is life beyond Earth. But until there is solid evidence, scientists do not accept it. However, since we have made UAPs a social reality, it is necessary to study it in depth, says Professor Greg Ezigian.