These iPhones are getting iOS 17 update, how to install?

 These iPhones are getting iOS 17 update, how to install?

Apple will also release iOS 17 shortly after releasing the iPhone 15. In this latest operating system of Apple, standby, journal app etc. have been updated.

But older model iPhones will not get this update. In other words, if you have iPhones before 2017, you will not be able to get the iOS update.

If you don't know which iPhone model you have, you can find out by following the steps below:

-Go to settings.

- Go to About by tagging in General.

- Now go to model name. There you will see your model name.

In which model is iOS 17 available?

iOS 17 is not available on iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. Since iOS 16, updates stopped coming to these phones.

According to Apple, the following phones can get the iOS 17 update:

-iPhone XS

-iPhone XS Max

-iPhone XR

- iPhone 11

- iPhone 11 Pro

- iPhone 11 Pro Max

- iPhone 12

-iPhone 12 mini

- iPhone 12 Pro

- iPhone 12 Pro Max

- iPhone 13

-iPhone 13 mini

- iPhone 13 Pro

- iPhone Pro Max

-iPhone SE (Second Generation and Later)

-iPhone 14 (including Plus)

- iPhone 14 Pro

How to install iOS 17?

If your device supports iOS 17, you have two options. First September 18 i.e. wait for Monday. After iOS 17 is publicly available, you'll need to go to Settings > Software Update (Settings > General > About > Software Update). From there you can install.

If you have auto-update 'on', it will install automatically in a few days.

On the other hand, you can install the beta version before the official release. For this you need to install Release Candidate Beta (RC) Beta. Which is almost identical to the last version.

For this go to Settings>General>About Software Update. Click on the beta update there. Now click on Developer Beta option there. Now RC One (RC1) update is available. But what needs to be understood is that RC beta is in the software development phase. Therefore, it may contain various bugs. You should be aware of this.

Similarly, if you want to install the latest updated on your iPhone, please turn off the beta update.