iPhone 15 Pro Max Apple's weakest smartphone so far!

 iPhone 15 Pro Max Apple's weakest smartphone so far!

The iPhone 15 has failed the 'durability test'. The iPhone 15 Pro Max failed in a test conducted by YouTuber Jerry Rigg.

The iPhone is the weakest phone in 15 decades, according to a YouTuber rig test. Before that, in 2014, Apple's iPhone 6 failed the durability test.

Thus, the company has promoted the iPhone 15 as the strongest and most durable phone ever. According to the company, powerful metal titanium has been used in iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. Apple claims that it is much stronger and more durable than 7000 grade aluminum.

As strong as it is, the iPhone 15 proved to be very weak compared to other devices in the tests conducted by YouTuber Rig.

First, the rig performed a scratch test on the iPhone 15 Pro Max with a sharp knife. As Apple claims to have a powerful display in the iPhone 15, Rigg did a scratch test of the screen. A scratch appeared on the screen for the seventh time.

After that, he did not test the dynamic island camera of that phone saying that it has the same screen. And directly tested the airpiece with a knife. The force of the knife did not tear the airpiece from the glass and titanium side.

After doing this, the rig scratched the titanium side. Apple has said that PVD coating is applied on the titanium side. To test if the coating will come off or not, the rig scrapes with a knife. PVD didn't even last a second. PVD came out everywhere the knife edge went. The volume, lock and action buttons on it were all scratched.

But the back glass is not scratched like other iPhone devices. After doing this he started to scratch test the camera. There was no scratch on the camera lens.

After finishing the scratch test, fire test was done. I turned on the lighter and flashed its flame on the iPhone screen. Even after turning on the lighter for 30 seconds, there was no problem on the screen.

After doing this, the rig started the 'bending test' i.e. whether the phone will bend or not. He took the phone in two hands, placed two thumbs on the back glass and the rest of the fingers on the front display, and slightly tilted the glass, the glass broke.

“You've been watching me do smartphone durability tests for 11 years,” Rigg said in the video, “but most of the phones haven't broken. I found this to be the weakest phone ever.”

Although he was impressed by the titanium side, he was not impressed by the glass. He continued, "If I had bought this phone for $1,200 to use, I would have been very nervous."

He concluded that the iPhone 15 did not pass his durability test. According to him, titanium can withstand the flame of a large lighter, but the display cannot.