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how to change Facebook Messenger's chat theme

Here's how to change Facebook Messenger's chat theme We are always using Facebook and Messenger. However, we may not know about some of the features that are available in it. Similarly, Facebook Messenger has a feature, of which we are very much aware. That is, changing the chat theme of Messenger. Some of us have been using the same classic theme since we downloaded Messenger. This is because we are not accustomed to the theme. However, we have the option to change the theme of Messenger. Today we are informing you about this feature. For that, your Facebook Messenger must be updated at the beginning. If you have Messenger updated, open Messenger first. Click on someone's chat as soon as you open Messenger. Or search the person with whom you want to change the chat theme. Now open a chat with that person. Click on the call and the next option next to the video call at the top right of the chat. As soon as you click on that option, you will see an option called 'Theme&#

Screen sharing facility in Facebook Messenger too

Screen sharing facility in Facebook Messenger too Facebook, the world's most popular social network, has added a feature to its messenger chat. Facebook has launched a new screen sharing feature that can be used from a mobile phone or tablet. The company has informed that such a facility can be used from Android and iOS mobiles. This feature can be used when there is a conversation between more than one person in Facebook's messenger room or group chat. Currently, Facebook app users can share screens with eight people in group chats and 16 people in the messenger room. The company also said that it will soon make arrangements to share the screen with up to 50 people in the messenger room. To use this feature, users will need to add a newer version of Messenger to their mobile or tablet. In order to share the screen, you have to press 'Share Your Screen', 'Start Sharing' and 'Start Broadcast' in the new version of Messenger.