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 What is crowdsourcing, how to take advantage? In 2011 came the Hollywood movie Life in a Day. Filmmaker Ridley Scott made the film from a total of 80,000 video clips of 4,500 hours. There is an interesting reason behind mentioning this here. None of the 80,000 clips were made by the film production house. All those clips were clips sent by different people. The film was made about 90 minutes. If you've been interested in hacking or Internet security research, you've probably heard of BugCrowd. It is the largest bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure platform in the field of cyber security. The company employs independent hackers who are not involved in any organization around the world. The company's business model is based on this. The latest news is that Facebook has recently released a new app. This app called 'Host' is a platform for sharing informative content. Here the person can bring up the issues in his mind and ask questions. Can guess at any subject. An