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Emoji on Twitter as well as on Facebook

Emoji on Twitter as well as on Facebook Currently, in Twitter tweets, you only see the option to like and retweet. But, now there is an option to react differently like in Facebook. It is said that Twitter is currently working for that. According to researcher Jane Manchu Wang, Twitter is currently preparing to provide 'Like', 'Cheers', 'Um', 'Sad', and 'Haha' reactions. Which are completely like emojis. However, Twitter has not yet decided on the 'cheers' and 'sad' emojis. According to a screenshot made public by Wang, Twitter will provide various reactions in chronological order. The tweet can be reacted according to what you think. It is said that there is also information about the reaction. Simply understand shared and dedicated internet The internet is said to be 20 Mbps, but not all the time. This is a problem we all face. After all, what is the reason for this? Today we are examining what is dedicated and shared internet a

Millions of marijuana production data public

Millions of marijuana production data public Millions of people's data have been made public when the online community app of marijuana growers, Grodiri's Security Breach. According to the research, two apps of the company without login were available on the internet. According to security researcher Bob, the usernames, emails, passwords, and IP addresses of 1.4 million Groddries users have been made public. It is mentioned that the reason is the IT staff of the company. They have been providing the app continuously since September 22 without the need for an administration login. In this way, without login access, the user's data is accessible to everyone. However, Grodarij has denied the allegations. He said that only the user name of the user was leaked, password, email, IP address, etc. were not leaked. However, the investigation has revealed that all the details have been made public. It has been mentioned that even if the user's password is encrypted, the hacker ca

The 'Microsoft Teams' of millions of users are no longer working, aren't you?

The 'Microsoft Teams' of millions of users are no longer working, aren't you? Due to Covid 19, the use of video conferencing apps including Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams has been increasing lately. In the current situation where social distance has to be maintained due to corona, online work is being done through video conferencing tool. It may not be different from how many offices are being run from this. As the use of such tools continues to grow, millions of Microsoft users using Microsoft Teams from Internet Explorer browsers will be affected. Didn't you yourself get affected in that way? For that, it is necessary to know some things about the use of Microsoft Teams. In early 2020, the Redmond-based tech giant decided to shut down various Internet Explorer services. He urged users to shift to Microsoft Edge, Microsoft's new and sophisticated Internet browser. Based on that, Microsoft Explore Eleven is being shut down this month. It is said that the impact