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Data science project using Kaggle Datasets and Kernels

Cooking a data science project using Kaggle dataset and kernel We are working together to use fresh materials (data), to prepare them using different tools, and to work together with a delicious result - a published dataset and some quiet analysis that we are sharing with the world. Working with dataset and kernel We will pull public data from the city of Los Angeles open data portal, including environmental health violations from restaurants in Los Angeles. So we will create new datasets using the data, and work together on the kernel before releasing it into the world. In this blog you will learn: How to create a new, private, Kaggal dataset from raw data How to share your dataset before making it public to those involved in your collaboration Adding helpers to private kernels How to use helpers in Koggle kernels Data is most powerful when it is reproducible code and shared with experts and the community at large. By placing data and code on a shared, consistent platform, you get the

Introduction to Kaggle Kernels

Introduction to Kaggle Kernel Kaggle is a platform for data science and sharing. You may have heard of some of their competitions, which often have cash prizes. It is also a great place to practice data science and learn from the community. What are Kaggle kernels? Kaggle kernels are basically Jupiter notebooks in the browser that run right before your eyes, all for free. Tell me again that in this case, you missed it, because it's so amazing: Kaggle is a free platform for running Jupiter notebooks in the kernel browser! This means you can avoid the hassle of setting up a local environment and have a Jupyter notebook environment inside your browser, wherever you have an internet connection anywhere in the world. Not only that, but the processing power for notebooks also comes from the server in the cloud, not as your local machine, so you can do a lot of data burning and machine learning on the laptop battery!