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What is artificial intelligence in the future?

What is artificial intelligence in the future? Now that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a fast-growing technology, various large companies are beginning to step into this new field of designing a compact AI system. Even in the AI ​​currently in use, it could cause problems for future human society. Many who are well aware of this fact have warned about what kind of problems our future generations are going to face with artificial intelligence. In this way, it is revealed that artificial intelligence will turn humans into an invincible dictator. According to the now renowned neuroscientist Zachary Maine, artificial intelligence has all the potential to cause neurological and psychiatric problems in the future, just as it does to humans today. But he said such a situation would only occur when artificial intelligence reaches a level of knowledge similar to that of humans. For this, we need to know how the human brain works. There are a lot of different things in it. In this case, even a

What these 7 tech celebrities say about the future of robots

Alibaba founder Jack Ma made a big prediction about the Internet Jack Ma, the founder of Chinese giant Alibaba, has warned the whole world with the power of the Internet that in the coming 30 years, the Internet is going to wreak havoc. The world should be ready for this. Jack Ma said at an entrepreneurship conference held in Zhangzhou, "We have to be more prepared to bear the grief than we are happy in the world of internet because in three decades the internet is going to wreak havoc in the world economy." ' He cited decreasing jobs due to robots for this. He further said that we have to learn to work with robots, only then we can reduce the loss in the Internet-based economy in the coming time. He said that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will replace the CEO of large companies. It is also possible that a robot has a photo as the Best CEO on the cover of Time magazine. Ma said that they are very serious about it. What these 7 tech celebrities say about the future of robot

Artificial intelligence will give employment opportunities in future, experts claim

Artificial intelligence will give employment opportunities in future, experts claim V Kamakoti, president of the Artificial Intelligence Task Force, said AI is ready to bring economic changes in the coming few years. Said that all the systems in the machine, which make intelligent decisions, can be called artificial intelligence. He said that Digital India is providing a huge opportunity to promote AI. He said that every project approved by the government can be geotagged and reviewed and monitored. Dr. Anurag Aggarwal, Director, CSIR Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology New Delhi, gave a detailed presentation on Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence. He said that AI can also play an important role in the medical field. Dr. Shantanu Chaudhary, Director, CSIR Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute Pilani Rajasthan, gave a presentation on Artificial Intelligence for inclusive growth. Kunal Satyarthi, Member Secretary, Him cast S Himachal Pradesh proposed the

Scientists have detected a large number of gravitational lenses using Artificial Intelligence.

Thousands of superlative lenses are present in the universe, this mystery can be solved Scientists have detected a large number of gravitational lenses using Artificial Intelligence. Telescopes are used to learn about astronomical objects. There are many types of telescopes. But do you know that the universe already has many natural telescopes. Yes, the universe's galaxies and other giant objects act as a lens for distant objects. A recent research has found hundreds of similar lenses using Artificial Intelligence technology. Their effect is called Gravitational lensing. What is the gravitational lensing effect It is a natural phenomenon when a large amount of matter, a large galaxy or group of galaxies, creates a gravitational field and magnifies the light passing through it. But this happens without changing the sight of the bodies behind those giant objects. And this effect is called gravitational lensing. Einstein first gave its concept The concept of gravitational lensing was

Artificial Intelligence Future

* Artificial Intelligence * It is related to the future of you and your children. You may have heard the name of Artificial Intelligence and if you have not heard it, then you will definitely know today. This is going to blow your nights sleep and steal the rest of the day. So let's know what is Artificial Intelligence. You must have seen many films in which Robot does all the work himself, thinks like us, and he also takes decisions when the time comes. So let us know this in full detail today. If we say Artificial Intelligence in a simple and simple language, then * artificial machine and intelligence * which has the power to think like a human being. Let us know how it will change the whole world in the coming times. Due to this, the jobs that are jobs, especially the technical side, have been threatened. The official type of job is going to end all the way, such a job in which the same kind of work is done again and again, it is over. Where, where and how it will end jobs and h

Definition of Artificial Intelligence

Definition of Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence is a process of making computers, robots or software that can think intellectually like a human brain. Artificial Intelligence began in the 1950s, Artificial Intelligence refers to the intellectual ability developed in an artificial way. Through this, a computer system or robotic system is created, which is attempted to run on the basis of the same logic on which the human brain works. In today's time, the invention of computers or machines is growing at a rapid pace. Today, the ability of computers and machines to perform various tasks is also increasing rapidly. Man has over time developed the power of computer systems in terms of their different working domains, their increasing speed and reducing size in relation to time. Artificial intelligence, a branch of computer science, attempts to create intelligent computers or machines similar to humans. According to John McCarthy, the father of Artificial Intelligence, it i