What is artificial intelligence in the future?

What is artificial intelligence in the future?

Now that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a fast-growing technology, various large companies are beginning to step into this new field of designing a compact AI system. Even in the AI ​​currently in use, it could cause problems for future human society.

Many who are well aware of this fact have warned about what kind of problems our future generations are going to face with artificial intelligence. In this way, it is revealed that artificial intelligence will turn humans into an invincible dictator. According to the now renowned neuroscientist Zachary Maine, artificial intelligence has all the potential to cause neurological and psychiatric problems in the future, just as it does to humans today. But he said such a situation would only occur when artificial intelligence reaches a level of knowledge similar to that of humans. For this, we need to know how the human brain works. There are a lot of different things in it. In this case, even a small change in the function of the human brain can have unhealthy effects on the human brain, such as stress, forgetfulness, hallucinations.

Neuroscientist Maine believes that even the properties of the codes that adapt artificial intelligence on their own are based on neurological associations, so that they may encounter problems similar to those of psychological situations. As he puts it, most of the above is derived from a field of research called computational psychology. Because artificial intelligence is increasingly being used in situations similar to the use of the human brain, they are being explored by psychologists, he said. When Maine explains this, he begins to show signs of the hallucination of depression, albeit with a slight error in a chemical in the human brain called serotonin. A similar situation is likely to occur with artificial intelligence, which uses neurochemistry (neurochemistry) to focus on the function of the human brain. While this may seem like a scientific fantasy, it is unlikely that this will ever happen. Yes, when artificial intelligence reaches a state similar to the function of the human brain, such a state is likely to occur. Ilan Musk, co-founder of Disla recently, said that in the age of artificial intelligence, humans would be "trapped in a dictatorship with no escape from destruction." The recently released "Do You Trust This Computer?" After watching the documentary, it is doubtful whether Mask is saying this.

Mask had said in 2017 that artificial intelligence would be the main cause of World War III. He then warned the government to restructure technology, saying it was "the biggest repercussion we are going to face as a result of social development."