Artificial Intelligence Boxes to be placed at exam centers - UP Board Exam 2020

Artificial Intelligence Boxes to be placed at exam centers -  UP Board Exam 2020

The Uttar Pradesh government is trying to change the image of the long-maligned state. After conducting the examination in a short time, the examination centers are now being guarded and tightened.

Last year, after installing 'CC' cameras and voice recorders to a large extent by the government, the UP board is going to monitor the examination centers in a hi-tech manner. Artificial intelligence boxes will now be used to eliminate duplication. Artificial intelligence boxes will be installed in every room so that cheating will be curbed in the board exams to be held in February.

The Artificial Intelligence Box will monitor the examination hall in nine ways and will immediately send an alert to the main control room in case of disturbances. This CC camera will inform immediately if it is turned off offline.

Also when sending the students out of camera focus, tempering with the camera, blurring their face, it will send a message of going wrong with the blur vision alert. No outsider will enter the room. It will also count people and give information when there is a crowd in the examination hall. The Artificial Intelligence Box will also do live video recording. Turning off the camera and copying the solver will now be difficult.

On the instructions of Deputy CM Dr. Dinesh Sharma, the result of strictness to stop cheating is that last year, 10.48 lakh examinees left the exam in between. This time, two lakh fewer students have registered than last year. This time 56 million candidates will take the high school and inter exam.

Artificial intelligence box will work like this

The Artificial Intelligence Box will connect the setup of the CC camera to the cloud server via a SIM card. This box is like a hard drive for data storage and will also provide support to cloud servers. It also has video management software. As a result, it will continuously send feedback to the cloud server.