We laughed when Stephen Hawking said, and now we are shocked!

We laughed when Stephen Hawking said, and now we are shocked!

Researchers at Facebook's Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory (FAIR) have been shocked to find that chatboxes that exit the script interact with a new language created without any human input.

Facebook's artificial intelligence machine shut down as soon as the lab's developers discovered that Facebook's AI (Artificial Intelligence) had created its own unique language that humans could not understand.

It is time for us to realize how surprising it is and how dangerous it is. We ignored this when Stephen Hawking said, and now we realize that artificial intelligence has caused us a little trembling and confusion.

Stephen William Hawking, one of the world's most important theoretical physicists in the field of cosmology and quantum gravity, believes that certain three things have the power to destroy the human race.

Stephen Hawking, who specializes in the study of black holes and gravitational singularities known as the Black Hole, said, "Do you know what the first of the three causes of human destruction is?" - Artificial intelligence! Equally yes to humans. 

The first thing Stephen Hawking believed to have the power to destroy the human race was artificial intelligence, also known as artificial intelligence. In short, artificial intelligence is the application of intelligence to machines or software. Artificial intelligence technology works on an equal footing with humans. Sometimes surpassing humans. Stephen Hawking argues that the extinction of the human race is possible when the man-made machines acquire more knowledge than humans. 

Potential Risk Furthermore, Stephen William Hawking warns that it is important for intelligence scientists to engage not only in one-sided studies of artificial intelligence but also in studies that avoid the potential dangers posed by over-artificial intelligence. "The singularity" artificial intelligence should not be taken lightly. Many years ago, Ray Kurzweil warned of the "singularity" that "even if it does not, it could one day approach dangerous intimacy." It has been said that progress is the result of a dramatic and irreversible transformation of the human race.

Unexpected, tragic effects Not only Stephen Hawking but also scientists and techno-luminaries including Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Steve Wozniak warn that artificial intelligence could lead to unpredictable, tragic consequences. 

Well, the first of the 3 reasons put forward by Stephen Hawking for the extinction of the human race - artificial intelligence. What are the other two reasons? The second reason is the second thing that Stephen Hawking believes has the power to destroy the human race - human aggression. Stephen Hawking says that perhaps the most artificial intelligence machines, if not destroyed against the human race, will destroy the human race itself through human aggression. 

Aggressiveness Stephen Hawking answers the question of which of human imperfections do you want to change as "the aggressive nature of man". He also commented that the aggressive trait that had developed in ancient times for reasons such as food, shelter, and reproduction now has the power to destroy the human race. Stephen Hawking warned that the existence of aliens was confirmed as early as 2010 and that they would not behave in a friendly manner to Earth. 

Capturing and Celebrating Stephen Hawking believes that advanced alien civilizations may even be as nomadic as capturing and celebrating the planet's insight. If no one knows what the border is, then it should come as no surprise that aliens are seeking to use other planets' resources and resources to travel further and further, says Stephen Hawking. Above all, he puts forward the idea that we must not forget that no one knows what the limit is.