Robot politician

Robot politician .. New Zealand is another level ..!

The number of robots powered by artificial intelligence technology and its use is considered very important in today's technologically advanced world. As its use continues to increase, people are losing their jobs in various sectors.

In this case, they have created a robot politician in New Zealand. Take a look at the work it does. Ada bribe will not buy everything ..!

Robot politician

A New Zealand scientist has developed a robot that runs on artificial intelligence technology to solve doubts about government legislation and regulations on housing, education, and citizenship in the country.

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It is said to be a robot politician because it works to solve people's problems.

Sam Nick Gretchen, a 49-year-old New Zealand businessman, created the virtual politician and named him Sam. By continuing to improve Sam and its technology in 2020, Sam could even stand as a candidate in the New Zealand election in 2020. But since there is no place for this in the political system, Sam can be used for the benefit of the people, said Nick Gretchen. It is noteworthy that a few months ago the Saudi Arabian government granted citizenship to the world's first artificial intelligence robot called Sofia. Dominance .. Artificial intelligence and robots that came only from technology-based jobs have now become citizens and are beginning to get involved in politics. Chances are there will be a robot at home in the next 50 years as Europa comes into the picture. 21 Jobs Did you know that there are about 21 jobs that will not be affected for the next 10 years despite the advent of artificial intelligence and robots?