Super AI discovered by a school student! What a shock to know.!

Super AI discovered by a school student! What a shock to know.!

The increasing number of street dogs is seen as a huge problem in India. Some animal welfare activists will tell you this instead. Contraceptive surgery to control the growing number of dogs

The rabies epidemic in India is mainly due to the fear of people seeing rabies from street dogs. In India alone, about 1.5 million people a year are bitten by dogs, according to the study. The study also found that about 20,000 people die each year from rabies.

Problems with Vaccinating Dogs It is common for street dogs to be vaccinated to protect them from rabies. But the problem they may encounter directly in this is finding the vaccinated us and the non-vaccinated dogs.

Aparna Ajith Gupta, a 12th class student at the National Public School in Indiranagar, Bangalore, has developed a new artificial intelligence device to solve this problem. This makes it easy to differentiate between vaccinated dogs and non-vaccinated dogs, says the student.

Recognizable from Photo & Video To create this Aparna Ajith Gupta first created a surfing network to identify his AI, dogs from a photo, and video recordings.

Aparna Ajit Gupta has created the Virtual Network to identify his AI, dogs from the photo, and video recordings.

Dogs can also be detected by CCTV. The AI ​​he has developed can accurately identify up to 92 percent of dogs and tell them the full details of their type and whether they have been vaccinated or not. He said his AI would still detect dogs even through CCTV video recordings in the coming days. Google OnePlus 7.