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10 Best Business Books

10 Best Business Books There are many business books that offer valuable insights and practical advice for entrepreneurs and professionals. Here are ten of the best business books that are worth reading:

Ways AI Is Transforming Business

Ways AI Is Transforming Business Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming business in many ways, from improving efficiency and productivity to enabling new products and services. Some of the key ways in which AI is transforming business include the following:

Cloud Factory Nepal

Cloud Factory Nepal Millions of foreign tourists visit Nepal every year. Its natural, cultural, religious and various other beauties are the center of attraction for tourists.

Here's how to create a professional account to earn money from Instagram

Here's how to create a professional account to earn money from Instagram Nowadays, most people are using the social networks Facebook and Instagram. Instagram, which went public in 2010, is becoming very popular among the younger generation. Millions around the world are using this platform. We are sharing our photos and videos on Instagram. Many users are online through Instagram. But did you know that you can also make money from Instagram? Big celebrities are earning millions of rupees monthly from this. There are many types of services on Instagram. A business account is one of them. Today we are going to tell you how to create a business account on Instagram and how to make money from it. What is an Instagram business account? Instagram is a completely free platform. You can create your own business account and place ads on it and earn money from it. Besides, you can keep track of when your followers are online, according to their country and city. You can even find out which

Apple is entering the search engine business to compete with Google

Apple is entering the search engine business to compete with Google The US Department of Justice and Capitol Hill's antitrust hearing against Google are seen by rival Apple as a good opportunity. Reports published in international news organizations believe that Apple can develop a competitive search engine that will overtake Google. While the wave of discouraging anti-competitive practices continues, such moves by companies have dominated the entire tech industry, creating huge competition. Apple has always been interested in search technology, but the subtle but significant changes to the latest version of its iPhone operating system, iOS 14, have signaled that. Apple has also increased the activity of its Spidering tool, which it uses to improve the web and refine search functions. Apple is now showing its own search results. Also, after users ask various questions on the home screen of iOS 14, they link directly to the website. This kind of development of Apple is seen in the b