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Contactless payment system

Contactless payment system Contactless payments work in a way similar to credit and debit cards, which use radio frequency identification (RFID). This technology works with the help of electromagnets, in which the tags given on the top of the card capture various types of necessary information of the customers. It is different from mobile payment to many extents. This technology is currently available in very few areas. There is a contactless payment card called EVM, which also works in ATMs. All the necessary details of the customers are given in the magnetic strip given in this card.

Mobile Operating System

Mobile Operating System Friends, when we go to get any smart phone, or think of taking it, first of all we try to know that the phone we are taking is the phone running on which Android operating system. If we talk about smartphones, then it is the world's best selling and used Android based smartphone. If the operating system is not used in it, then it is like a garbage can and if a good mobile operating system is installed in it, then it becomes the best and most selling smartphone. In today's article, we are going to provide you information on this important topic. Along with this, we will also give detailed information about its different types, so read this article till the end.

Why is the message "This mobile is registered in the MDMS system" coming? | Isn't the mobile phone you have or want to buy from the market illegal? Do this to find out.

Why is the message "This mobile is registered in the MDMS system" coming?  Is your phone today "This mobile is registered in the MDMS system." Did you get the message? If so, be sure. Not only you, but the Nepal Telecommunication Authority is also sending similar messages to all phones in Nepal today Thursday.

Now robots will be seen serving food at home or restaurants like humans, scientists have created a new system

Now robots will be seen serving food at home or restaurants like humans, scientists have created a new system With the advancement of technology every day, our work is becoming easier. It can be estimated that in today's time almost everything has become based on technology. When we look once towards science, we see how far the world has gone now. Similarly, robots are also playing a major role in our lives. Now the day is not far when instead of humans, robots will be seen serving food in the house or restaurant. Yes, it must have sounded a bit strange to hear but it is going to happen soon. In fact, some big scientists, in collaboration with Indian-origin researchers, have created a system that will teach robots how to work in difficult situations (decorating the dinner table and serving food).

AI system, not following people's instructions

 Najehal Facebook using AI system, not following people's instructions The social networking site Facebook has moved away from using artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence systems. Tesla CEO Elon Musk had earlier warned about artificial intelligence. After that, Facebook shut down the AI ​​service and said that the chatbots were behaving like themselves by not following the code given.  As a result, the system was forced to remove. According to reports, Facebook has shut down the service, saying there is much more to look for in terms of artificial intelligence. Because the computer is not useless.  However, he is using his own language instead of English. It is not possible for people to understand the language that AI is using. And even if an expert gives a command, it often does not take AI. That means AI is behaving like itself. As a result, Facebook has been forced to shut down the AI ​​system. This issue first came to the fore last June. Researchers have found tha