AI system, not following people's instructions

 Najehal Facebook using AI system, not following people's instructions

The social networking site Facebook has moved away from using artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence systems. Tesla CEO Elon Musk had earlier warned about artificial intelligence. After that, Facebook shut down the AI ​​service and said that the chatbots were behaving like themselves by not following the code given.

 As a result, the system was forced to remove. According to reports, Facebook has shut down the service, saying there is much more to look for in terms of artificial intelligence. Because the computer is not useless. 

However, he is using his own language instead of English. It is not possible for people to understand the language that AI is using. And even if an expert gives a command, it often does not take AI. That means AI is behaving like itself. As a result, Facebook has been forced to shut down the AI ​​system. This issue first came to the fore last June. Researchers have found that while creating chatbots, Facebook is working on creating its own language without taking their commands.

Later, without any input, he went out of the code and started working on his own. Incidentally, world-renowned scientist Stephen Hawking has expressed concern about artificial intelligence. According to him, AI will leave people behind one day. From Bill Gates to Steve Wozniak, the way in which artificial intelligence has progressed has been misunderstood.

The next day your treatment will be in the hands of the robot!

In the near future, you will no longer have to go to the General Physician. The robot will take care of all the treatment. It will be possible to do everything from diagnosing the disease to a robot-like a skilled doctor. A joint study by Oxford University and Yale University revealed such information. It has been said that by 2053, machine surgery will play a more effective role than humans. And all this will be possible due to artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence. And already artificial intelligence has begun to show craftsmanship in medical science. 

Physicians have started using artificial intelligence to solve various diseases and problems. Using artificial intelligence is going to find and solve mental problems like depression. Experts from Harvard and the University of Vermont are using artificial intelligence to find out if anyone is exhausted by looking at Instagram posts. Not only that, but research on artificial intelligence is in full swing around the world. U.S. researchers are using AI to diagnose cardiac arrhythmias and have found success in 96 percent of cases. Researchers at the University of Nottingham, on the other hand, are predicting better and more accurate heart disease than doctors using AI. 

Social networking or internet systems are also being used to take advantage of artificial intelligence. Google, like AI, has extended a helping hand to prevent the spread and detection of breast and other types of cancer. Meanwhile, companies like Facebook are trying to prevent suicide by using artificial intelligence to view Facebook posts. It is also possible to determine whether someone needs emotional help by looking at Facebook posts. As a result, tomorrow people will not be doctors, robots will be in charge of your treatment.