make a career in this profession, cut the name, because 'robot' will take your place.

If you want to make a career in this profession, cut the name because 'robot' will take your place.

TV operators can face big competition this time. Because the robots are ready to read the news. Robots with artificial intelligence mimic human facial expressions, mimicking their words to create news. Not only that, but robots can also imitate their manners. As a result, Chinese news readers are facing stiff competition.

According to China's state-run Xinhua news agency, the robot was shown at a world internet conference in the Chinese city of Wujin. This is considered to be a great success of the research done on artificial intelligence. In a video, the robot is hard to say, today is the first day in his news agency. He also promised to work hard to keep people informed. The robot said it would provide news to viewers in the same way that news would be delivered to its system. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, the crowd present at the conference took a selfie with the robot operator. He is also being called as a digital anchor. The crowd applauded and applauded the robot operator.

Robot chefs rise in demand for food safety in Corona outbreak

America is plagued by the coronavirus. As if Americans no longer have faith in anything. So they feel more comfortable relying on mechanical humans in all cases. Even restaurant or cafe chefs are not bad if they are robots. The robot that will make the burger will bake the bread. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals involving customers and restaurant workers.

The robot is being made by French fries, starting with the White Castle burger chain. Who cooked French fries and other foods by robotic hands. The robot named Dubbed Flippy was built by Pasadena of Miso Robotics, California. White Castle and Miso have been negotiating a partnership for almost a year. Jamie Richardson, vice president of White Castle, said the talks were accelerated after the Covid-19 attack on the country.

Robot Richardson said the robot would relieve workers from such tasks as disinfecting the table or handling growing delivery orders. A touch-free environment that minimizes communication and what matters to customers. 

By the middle of next year, Miso expects the robot to be free, but with a higher monthly fee. The trend of serving food with robots by robot chefs will be seen in restaurants in many countries of the world. Coronavirus has been very popular since before the epidemic. Such robots are kept in hospitals, campus cafeterias, and other restaurants to save staff costs. Those who are serving 24 hours a day without getting tired. The robot chef was spotted at San Francisco's Burger Restaurant Creator and South Korea's Malcolm Coffee Outlet. Now, some say, robots can move from innovation to necessity. With the Covid-19 outbreak, robots may become more reliable and secure than humans. Who will also be able to work from food preparation to serving and food delivery?