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Know the history of telecommunication services in Nepal

Know the history of telecommunication services in Nepal Beginning of telecommunication service in Nepal b. Magneto technology telephone service was started in 1970. In 2013, Nepal had 350 local telephone services, 28 radio stations, seven trunk telephone services, and international telecommunication services with India. Private telephone facilities were not available to the public during that period. The Department of Telecommunications was established in the 2016 BS to develop and expand telecommunication services. Thereafter, telephone service was extended to 58 districts during the Second Five Year Plan Period (2018-2023). Besides, domestic and international telecommunication services were also developed during the same period. The National Telecommunication Policy issued in 2049 BS after the People's Movement of 2046 BS adopted the policy of involving the private sector in telecommunication services. Accordingly, the private sector has entered the telecommunication sector of Ne