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Millions of marijuana production data public

Millions of marijuana production data public Millions of people's data have been made public when the online community app of marijuana growers, Grodiri's Security Breach. According to the research, two apps of the company without login were available on the internet. According to security researcher Bob, the usernames, emails, passwords, and IP addresses of 1.4 million Groddries users have been made public. It is mentioned that the reason is the IT staff of the company. They have been providing the app continuously since September 22 without the need for an administration login. In this way, without login access, the user's data is accessible to everyone. However, Grodarij has denied the allegations. He said that only the user name of the user was leaked, password, email, IP address, etc. were not leaked. However, the investigation has revealed that all the details have been made public. It has been mentioned that even if the user's password is encrypted, the hacker ca

Increasing use of employee monitoring software at work from home

Increasing use of employee monitoring software at work from home Cebu Phillips is the founder of Transcend. Transcend is a London-based company that buys beauty products at wholesale and resells online. Since last year, he has been tracking his employees using Hubstaff software. With this software, they can check the working hours of employees, keystrokes, mouse movements, and visited websites. Seven Philips employees live and work in India. He says that with the help of this software, 'accountability' is ensured. He says that it has also managed the time difference. "I know you can take an extra 10 minutes. It's a good idea to have an automated way to monitor what my employees are doing, 'says Sibu.' I can tell by looking at the screenshots who is spending how much time on what work. I can tell if they are completing the process or not. ' "If they're doing better than I expected, I'll study the photos and share them with other members of my te

The new door must be opened

The new door must be opened The days are changing. The technology education market is also changing. The time is coming for Liberal Arts Education. This new kind of education prepares us to face the challenges of the new world. Times are changing, the world of education is also changing. Engineering with Competitive Exams: Many of your students have had a simple formula for so long. But now is the time to change that. Our country has changed a lot with the opportunity of outsourcing, in this direction, Kovid has turned upside down. In the Trump-Brexit market, there are very few such business opportunities, but even more so in technology and business. Indian companies have been very successful in body-shopping for so long. But the old way of working,  writing computer programs, creating accounts, customer service এ is now being done with a lot of tools. The good news is that new technology is as effective in one hand as it is in the other. As a result, new career opportunities are being

Many changes are going to come in the world of jobs

Many changes are going to come in the world of jobs.  But at the same time, there is a lot of extra time now to prepare yourself for this new situation. Is it less big? No one has the answer to the question of when the world is going through such a difficult time when it will be the same again. This year is naturally much more ‘challenging’ for those who are currently on their way to college after passing Class XII, and for those who are about to graduate and join the world of jobs this year. At the same time, there is no end to the worries of all the students who will take the entrance exams this year. But you have to be patient and prepare for the exam. Other years after board exams there is very little time to prepare yourself separately for all these entrance tests. Hopefully, not this year. Make the most of the time you have to make up for your shortcomings. Richie Ghosh, a student like you, said, “This is the most important and difficult time of my life. I am naturally worried ab

Artificial Intelligence Boxes to be placed at exam centers - UP Board Exam 2020

Artificial Intelligence Boxes to be placed at exam centers -  UP Board Exam 2020 The Uttar Pradesh government is trying to change the image of the long-maligned state. After conducting the examination in a short time, the examination centers are now being guarded and tightened. Last year, after installing 'CC' cameras and voice recorders to a large extent by the government, the UP board is going to monitor the examination centers in a hi-tech manner. Artificial intelligence boxes will now be used to eliminate duplication. Artificial intelligence boxes will be installed in every room so that cheating will be curbed in the board exams to be held in February. The Artificial Intelligence Box will monitor the examination hall in nine ways and will immediately send an alert to the main control room in case of disturbances. This CC camera will inform immediately if it is turned off offline. Also when sending the students out of camera focus, tempering with the camera, blurring their f