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Emoji on Twitter as well as on Facebook

Emoji on Twitter as well as on Facebook Currently, in Twitter tweets, you only see the option to like and retweet. But, now there is an option to react differently like in Facebook. It is said that Twitter is currently working for that. According to researcher Jane Manchu Wang, Twitter is currently preparing to provide 'Like', 'Cheers', 'Um', 'Sad', and 'Haha' reactions. Which are completely like emojis. However, Twitter has not yet decided on the 'cheers' and 'sad' emojis. According to a screenshot made public by Wang, Twitter will provide various reactions in chronological order. The tweet can be reacted according to what you think. It is said that there is also information about the reaction. Simply understand shared and dedicated internet The internet is said to be 20 Mbps, but not all the time. This is a problem we all face. After all, what is the reason for this? Today we are examining what is dedicated and shared internet a

20 Wrong Passwords Found on the Dark Web, Didn't You Have Somewhere?

20 Wrong Passwords Found on the Dark Web, Didn't You Have Somewhere? With the widespread development and expansion of information technology, people have opened many kinds of online accounts. But people are still using old-fashioned passwords. Many people use their name, location, mobile number, and other passwords. They also ignore the tips given by experts. According to Verizon's 2017 data breach research, 81 percent of hacking incidents are caused by bad or weak passwords. Recently, a dark web monitoring company called ID Agent has studied 3 million passwords stored on the Dark Web by 2020. From this, he has given information about the common (shared) password used by many. 20 simple passwords found on the Dark Web Among the top 250 passwords found on the Dark Web, common passwords include serial numbers, names, games, and related words, celebrities, or characters. Here are the top 20 most used passwords: 123456 password 12345678 12341234 1asdasdasdasd Qwerty123 Password1 12

The world's largest illegal marketplace Dark Web closed

The world's largest illegal marketplace Dark Web closed The Dark Web Marketplace, the world's largest black market, has closed. Gizmodo quoted officials as saying that Europol Coordinated International Operations had taken the web platform offline. The German authorities have arrested an Australian national believed to be the operator of the illegal site. Also, 20 dark web-hosted servers have been seized. According to Europol, Darkmarket, which had 500,000 users before closing, had a turnover of 320,000. The Dark Web Marketplace was rife with drugs and stolen credit card fraud, as well as malware and viruses. Europol estimates that the site is currently trading at 140 million euros. Which used to happen in Bitcoin and Monero. European authorities plan to use a dark market server seized from Ukraine and Moldova to investigate buyers and sellers using the site for criminal transactions. According to a report in The Guardian, a large investigation into the web hosting company Cybe