Emoji on Twitter as well as on Facebook

Emoji on Twitter as well as on Facebook

Currently, in Twitter tweets, you only see the option to like and retweet. But, now there is an option to react differently like in Facebook. It is said that Twitter is currently working for that.

According to researcher Jane Manchu Wang, Twitter is currently preparing to provide 'Like', 'Cheers', 'Um', 'Sad', and 'Haha' reactions. Which are completely like emojis. However, Twitter has not yet decided on the 'cheers' and 'sad' emojis.

According to a screenshot made public by Wang, Twitter will provide various reactions in chronological order. The tweet can be reacted according to what you think. It is said that there is also information about the reaction.

Simply understand shared and dedicated internet

The internet is said to be 20 Mbps, but not all the time. This is a problem we all face. After all, what is the reason for this?

Today we are examining what is dedicated and shared internet and what is the difference between these two and what it has to do with not having internet speed.

For this, let's first talk about what is shared internet. For example, 10 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload speed. However, the Internet is not running at the same speed all the time.

Shared internet is the internet you use at home. The download speed mentioned in it means a maximum of 10 Mbps. Which you may not always have.

The service provider's tactic has worked in this. They assume that not all users are online at the same time. Even though they are online, they do not download large files at the same time.

On this basis, 10 Mbps bandwidth is divided into four to eight houses. This is true not only in Nepal but also abroad. If all of these distributed users start downloading large files that consume a lot of bandwidth at the same time, the Internet will be distributed and slow down.

For example, for 8 taps in your toll, an inch of pipe equivalent drinking water is left. In this case, if only one tap is opened at a time, a lot of water will come. The more taps are opened, the less water is distributed.

The same is true of the shared internet. The reason behind this is its value. Because when sharing bandwidth, the fee is also shared and the internet-connected to the house becomes cheaper.

 Now let's talk about dedicated internet. It guarantees you get the same internet speed as you said. However, in terms of price, it can be very expensive.

International bandwidth comes from abroad. The current Internet bandwidth costs an average of अमेरिकी 7 per Mbps. Accordingly, for 10 Mbps, it will cost 70 dollars or 8,260 rupees per month.

10 percent TDS, 13 percent TSC, 13 percent VAT, 2 percent RTDF, and 4 percent royalty will be added as government tax. The company's investment and profit will also be added to it.

Even if only tax is included, the price of 10 Mbps can go above Rs 10,000. That is why it is also called corporate internet. Another thing is that it also makes a difference in the service provided by the service provider. So it is considered more reliable.

Dedicated internet is being used in large offices. If the Internet is blocked in some way, such users get more priority.

Telegram becoming an alternative to the dark web, millions of illegal data leaks

Recently, the Siamese messaging platform Telegram is used as an alternative to Darkweb. According to a recent study by cybersecurity researchers, the confidential information of millions of users has been leaked to Telegram.

Researchers have stated that such information is coming out through groups and channels created in Telegram. An investigation by a research company called VPN Mentor found that the telegram was a safe haven for cybercriminals.

It is said that they are leaking data and committing various online frauds through this platform. An earlier study by Norton Life Lock found that telegrams were an illegal marketplace and an alternative to leaking data from millions of people.