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Problem with Google Photos photos and videos backed up

Problem with Google Photos photos and videos backed up For a few days now, Android users have been complaining that the quality of the photos and videos stored in the Google Photos backup has decreased and the problem is that they will not open. There have been complaints that the photos and videos in the backup are not opening, blurring, not showing clearly, and taking a long time to load.

Problems of computer crashing after a new windows update, how to fix?

Problems of computer crashing after a new windows update, how to fix?  The infamous 'Blue Screen of Death' error has started appearing on computers after the latest update in Windows. After the new update, there is a problem when computers connect to the printer. Due to Windows's latest Automatic Security Update (KB5000802) package in March, Windows Ten has completely crashed with error codes. It looks like 'APC_INDEX_MISMATCH for win32kfull.sys'. One user said, ‘Printing through the Kyocera Universal Print Driver caused a blue screen to appear after this update.’ Many other users have had similar problems. Windows Ten crashes when users try to print through a Notepad, Microsoft Office app, or another app. This type of problem is also seen in other printer brands including Kyocera, Rico, and Zebra. Users have started reporting this kind of problem even on Reddit. The company’s support page reads, ‘After installing this update, you may get an‘ APC_INDEX_MISMATCH ’err

how to fix a WiFi problem

Here's how to fix a WiFi problem Smartphones, laptops, video game consoles, etc. are connected to the Internet with the help of WiFi. But most of the time there is a problem with WiFi. Nowadays, the internet has become a matter of urgent human need like electricity and water. Most internet service providers offer basic modem routers. Due to which the network is not picked up at the corners of the house. Today we are giving you some tips on how to solve common problems with WiFi. 1. Place the router in the correct position The best place to put a WiFi router is in the middle of the house. Due to which WiFi signal can reach all the corners of your house. Also, try to keep the WiFi router at or above your eye height. This will improve your WiFi signal. When placing the router in the corner of the house, keep in mind the possibility of signal loss. 2. Keep repeaters for better range Sometimes the router provided by the internet service provider company cannot extend the WiFi network to