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How to find product key in Windows 10

 How to find product key in Windows 10 When you buy a laptop, it will initially have a Windows operating system installed. But if you want to buy another Windows from any website or reseller and install it on your device, you will also get a 25 digit 'Product Key' with Windows while purchasing. When you enter that key into your device, the device is activated. Some laptops do not have Windows activated. So on the blue background comes the message 'Activate Key. You need a Product Key to activate those windows. Here are the articles prepared by TechRadar in this regard. Why Windows 10 Product Key? Nowadays, you don't need a Windows 10 product key to install the operating system on your PC. You can add it during the installation process. But if you want, you can also install a new Windows copy later. Your copy of Windows 10 can easily access its features. You can also run your PC continuously from inactive copy. But you may have to miss out on a lot of features and new an