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Google plans to pay 1 billion to news agencies

Google plans to pay  1 billion to news agencies Internet giant Google has announced plans to pay  1 billion to news organizations around the world over the next three years. Google pays the media to keep the news published in various media of the world on its webpage. Recently, the world's most popular magazines and news agencies have published their content Google has been demanding a fair payment from Google for using it. The European media was at the forefront of such a struggle with Google. Google CEO Sundar Pichai said the new product is being unveiled as per Google's plan. The service, called Google News Showcase, will initially be launched in Germany. News published in various German media can be read in one place on the platform. For this, Google has signed agreements with German magazines Der Spiegel, Stern, and The Chait. In Brazil, Folha has also signed deals with Saint Paulo, Band, and Info be. According to Google, the service will be launched in Germany and Brazil,

First female news anchor live prepared from artificial intelligence, will read news like a real anchor

First female news anchor live prepared from artificial intelligence, will read news like a real anchor Chinese news agency Xinhua has made its first female news anchor live with the help of Artificial Intelligence. It is named Shin Xiaomeng. The anchor read the news for 1 minute during the "Two Sessions", the country's largest political meeting, which began in Beijing, China's capital on Sunday. It has been given the appearance of Xinhua's real-life anchor Ku Meng. 1) Production cost will be reduced The voice, movements and gestures of this virtual anchor are exactly like real anchors. During the anchoring, Shin Kyu was seen in short hair. Xinhua claims that these artificial news anchors will read news in the same way that professional newsreaders read the news. The cost of production will also be reduced with its use. Earlier, Xinhua has also made live two anchor anchors prepared with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Shin will work with them only. According t

Time the robot will read the news on TV

This time the robot will read the news on TV, the news anchor will work in a special way Not humans, robots will work for the newsreader this time. What will that experience be like? See for yourself. Looks like a human. He will also speak in the manner of any news anchor. If it is sad news, that news will fall on your face. He will give happy news with a smile. It doesn't look like 'he' is human. Robots that look like humans will read the news this time. Robot News Anchor has already been made in China. This newsreader will work through the technology of Artificial Intelligence. China's Xinhua News Agency and the country's search engine company Sogou have jointly created the world's first news anchor powered by artificial intelligence. Two such newsreaders have been made public at the World Internet Conference. According to the South China Morning Post and Jinghua, these newsreaders will greatly reduce the cost of running a TV channel. Because they can work 24