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Artificial Intelligence - Neural Networks

Artificial intelligence - the neural network Yet another area of ​​research in AI, the neural network, is inspired by the natural nervous network of the human nervous system. What are Artificial Neuro Networks (ANNs)? The inventor of the first neuro computer, Dr. Robert Hett-Nielsen defines a neuro network as follows: "... A computing system is made up of a very simple, highly interconnected number of processing elements, which process information by their dynamic state response to external inputs." The infrastructure of ANN ANN's belief is based on the belief that by making the right connections to the human brain, silicon and wires can be mimicked as living neurons and dendrites. The human brain is made up of 86 billion nerve cells and neurons. They are connected to other thousand cells by Axons. The exchange of stimuli or sensory organs from the external environment is accepted by dendrites. These inputs generate electric impulses, which travel through a fast neural ne