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Hurrying to update to iOS 14.5? Wait!

Hurrying to update to iOS 14.5? Wait! Apple has just released the iOS 14.5 and iPad OS 14.5 updates after a long wait. Both updates have been live since last Monday. Features like the new Siri Voice and Fancy New Face ID have been added in the new update. With the help of which the iPhone can be unlocked even while wearing a face mask. Knowing all these features, you may also be eager to update the latest software on your iPhone and iPad. But hasty updates sometimes cause more problems and headaches than benefits. So it would be better to wait a few days instead of updating iOS 14.5 right now. Today we will tell you two main reasons why it is appropriate to wait before pressing the update button of iPhone and iPad. Updates may contain harmful bugs We have been seeing and hearing about malware being installed while updating software. Sometimes we hear that all the data of iPhone and iPad gets lost while installing new updates. A similar update from Apple in 2016 destroyed the iPad Pro.