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The reality of Bernie Sanders' viral picture

The reality of Bernie Sanders' viral picture Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States on Wednesday. Independent Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont was also present at the ceremony. Sanders, wearing a face mask and gloves, was photographed by senior American photographer Brendan Smyaloski at the ceremony. The image has now gone viral, drawing the attention of Americans. This seemingly normal picture is creating a kind of wave in the world of the internet. Photographer Brendan didn't even bother to create creative mimes around the world. Brendan, who works for the global news agency AFP, is a photojournalist for the Political Bureau. Sanders' posture in the photo of Brendan makes him look happy during the event. "It's not a great picture, it's a beautiful moment," he said. Rob Lidon, a journalist at Square Media, says the picture is no more than an important document in American political history. Brendan captured the image on his camera