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Is the virus really coming from the torrent site?

Is the virus really coming from the torrent site? Computer viruses are spreading in different ways. The risk is the same even in torrent files that many of you download. In fact, many popular torrent sites have a lot of malware. Malware can be prevented to a large extent even if you are confident in what you are clicking and what you are downloading. But today's malware has become so modern that even if you just watch a viral ad, it will come and stay on your device. As Torrent is a popular download site, the presence of virus attackers is also increasing here. When you use torrents, viruses attack your system in the following two ways. 1. Transmission method (online advertising) Online ads (malware) designed to spread the virus increase the risk on computers or mobiles. Since the virus does not appear on the screen outside the torrent site, there is a high possibility of the virus coming from such a site. Malvertisation of Pirate Bay In May 2016, security experts found a viral ad

Here's how to protect your WordPress site from hackers

Here's how to protect your WordPress site from hackers WordPress is a site that is constantly targeted by hackers. WordPress files, plugins, and login pages are being targeted by hackers. Today we present to you Search Engine Journal's tips on how to protect your WordPress site from being hacked and how to help you recover from it as soon as possible. To do this, you must first understand how hackers attack WordPress. Most sites on the web are always at risk of hackers. Whether it's a PHP BB forum or a WordPress site. All sites are being monitored by hackers. It is not uncommon for hackers to scan thousands of pages and try to log in hundreds of times a day. On top of that, a hacker doesn't do that. Many hackers are hacking into your site at once. Hackers infiltrate the web using automated software and search for vulnerabilities. The activity is named Butson. Software that tries to copy such content is called scraper boots, which is different from hacker bots. Protect y