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Here's how to protect your pen drive without a password

Here's how to protect your pen drive without a password  Pen drives are very useful and necessary for storing all types of digital data. We usually keep all kinds of information in it, whether it is our personal or official content. We are saving it by putting it in a pen drive. But when we use such a Pendrive on a computer or laptop or hard disk, its security is compromised. Of course, you can lock your pen drive to prevent your personal or official data from being seen by others. This will keep the data on your pen drive safe and no one else will be able to open the data on your pen drive without your permission. No software or application is required to set the password on the pen drive. Today we are going to tell you how to put passwords on a USB drive or pen drive. It is very easy to put the password in the pen drive. For that, first of all, you have to put your pen drive on your computer. Then go to your drive on the computer and right-click and select Turn on BitLocker. Now

Do this to prevent your Facebook from being hacked.

Do this to prevent your Facebook from being hacked. Facebook accounts have been hacked and data leaks have been heard by various users. Nowadays, there are very few people who do not use Facebook, the largest social network. It is not easy to stay away from Facebook for fear of data leaks. If you take some precautions, you can avoid the risk of your Facebook data being leaked or hacked. Today we are giving you tips on how to keep your Facebook account secure. Protect your password Most users keep their passwords intuitive for fear of forgetting them. From time to time, cybersecurity experts have been warning about passwords that can be easily guessed. So always keep a long password. Strengthen your password by adding lowercase letters, uppercase letters, special characters, numbers, and more. Also, keep different passwords for different accounts. So that Facebook is safe when any other account is hacked. Check the login device You can easily find out which devices your Facebook is logg

How to protect your WhatsApp from being hacked by QR?

How to protect your WhatsApp from being hacked by QR? At that time, users want to keep the phone away while working on the computer. But you also need to maintain access to WhatsApp. For this, they are using the web and desktop versions of WhatsApp. WhatsApp can be easily logged into other devices along with the phone by going to WhatsApp settings. But due to this feature of WhatsApp, WhatsApp can be hacked at times. Even if it is not hacked, someone can read your private message by opening your WhatsApp. WhatsApp can be from QR code In WhatsApp's settings, you can find out which device is running WhatsApp on which device other than the phone through the web and desktop options in WhatsApp. If you are not logged in other than your phone, but WhatsApp Web is open, then it means that your WhatsApp has been opened or hacked by someone. What is a QR code? : There is an option in the settings of WhatsApp, with the help of which you can open WhatsApp on a laptop, computer, or tablet. How