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That is why there is a 10 digit mobile number

That is why there is a 10 digit mobile number It has been 22 years since the launch of mobile service in Nepal. Nepal Telecom first launched GSM mobile service in 1999. The mobile number has been 10 digits in Nepal since the first mobile service was launched. It is estimated that this will be the same 10 digits mobile number for at least the next 25-30 years. In other countries, there are 12-digit, 9-digit, and 11-digit mobile numbers. But, what is the reason for having a 10 digits mobile number in Nepal? This topic is interesting. Because mobile number frequency is as important for service providers. Numbers used in fixed lines like mobile and landline, CDMA is the limited resources of telecommunications. Since the number is also determined by the border, the issue of determining the number of any country is not only in the hands of the country concerned. This requires a very comprehensive study. Officials of the National Numbering Branch of the regulatory Nepal Telecommunication Auth