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Only thinking will change TV channels

 After five years, your TV will be like this You will not have to press any buttons at all in the coming time. A lot of your work will be solved by Artificial Intelligence. There is tremendous innovation happening in the television world. Every day television companies are thinning the screen. Now the screen has started coming to the curve. New functions are being upgraded. Developers are no longer limited to channels by connecting the TV with apps. Today's Smart TV has all that a smartphone can have. In the future, smart TVs will be even more artistic and surprising. Smart TVs will be more aware of people's trends and your TV viewing experience will become more amazing. In fact, consumer electronics companies are working on such smart TVs, which humans can control with their minds. Only thinking will change TV channels TV companies have been working on the project for a long time and its trial is expected to start in Switzerland next year. With the help of this technology, the