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What is social engineering hacking and how is data stolen from it?

What is social engineering hacking and how is data stolen from it?  We have gadgets, but when we don't know how to use them safely, we run into complex technical problems like hacking and phishing. But since the recent hacking scandals have surfaced, users have become aware of the need to use strong passwords. Previously, when using weak passwords, hackers used various techniques to easily obtain such passwords through brute force attacks. So nowadays users use very complex and randomly generated cryptographic strengths to strengthen their passwords. It is not easy to break the password by attacking brute force on such passwords. But if you read the news related to cybersecurity, the incidents of hacking the credentials of various accounts and hacking the systems of the organization are more common nowadays. The only reason for this is that nowadays hackers are becoming smarter and smarter. They are adopting the techniques of phishing and social engineering. Hackers do not have to

What is spectrum or frequency? This is easy to understand

What is spectrum or frequency? This is easy to understand Although the term spectrum sounds unfamiliar to many and is very technical, most people are exposed to it every day. It has become a very important part of our daily lives. Of course, the question arises, what is the frequency? And how does it affect the lives of ordinary people? Frequency is something that cannot be seen with the naked eye. It is also called an electro magnetizing field. Whether it is remote, micro web, mobile, or radio, we are coming in contact with it every day through some means. Frequency or spectrum is the amount of radiation energy that surrounds the earth. The sun is the main source of electromagnetic radiation. It also receives energy from stars and galaxies. Apart from this, such energy is also generated from the radioactive elements that are buried under the ground. Some of the frequencies we call spectrum or radiation are very useful. Which does us no harm. Through which we can listen to the radio. W

Online data of all Brazilian citizens leaked

Online data of all Brazilian citizens leaked Data on all Brazilian citizens have been leaked online. The Brazilian Consumer Protection Agency has instructed the government to immediately protect citizens' data. The institute has also directed to take necessary steps for data security immediately. The data leak occurred last week, with data on 223 million Brazilians leaked. In a country with a total population of 221 million, the question of how 223 million data can be leaked may arise in your mind. It is also mentioned that there is information about the person who died earlier in the incident. Besides, data of 104 million vehicles in the incident has also been made public. The data thus made public includes the name of the person, identity card number, marital status, name of the father, mother, and son, and daughter, complete information of the house, credit score, voter registration number, profession, and other details. The person's LinkedIn profile has also been leaked. It

The scary form of SMS phishing, how to avoid it?

The scary form of SMS phishing, how to avoid it?  The exchange of malicious text messages has increased worldwide. This type of scam called SMS phishing has existed since the use of mobile. Lately, this kind of phishing has been taking a frightening form. It is constantly being debated in the international arena. Last month, many people said they had received "smearing text" that looked like e-commerce giant Amazon. He also mentioned that some of the messages came from Netflix and some from New York's automobile department. Such a problem is now spreading to other countries as well. If you look at the Twitter feed, every day someone is saying that they have received such texts. Moreover, many benefited from the phishing scare of Kovid 19. People trust SMS more than email. Older people have a different impression of SMS. Apart from the mass media, the government has a personal SMS for citizen awareness. During Kovid, the government and telecom operators in a joint initiati

These technologies, which are changing people's diaries this year

These technologies, which are changing people's diaries this year  The Covid 19 epidemic in 2020 devastated the world in many ways. But it also accelerated digital transformation. 2020 is a window for us, from which we can predict our new 2021. In the process of battling the epidemic, researchers have also developed many tech solutions for our personal and business lives. Technology is helping us to get back to normal. Today we will tell you about some of the explorations of 2020, which will change your 2021. An investigation created by the epidemic Masks, webcams, sanitizers, many gadgets that 2019 did not even imagine. 2020 gave us a lot of that. Marketers are eager to capitalize on this new market. It looks like 2021 will be full of new gizmos. One of the main areas is webcams. This is very important for continuous video calling. Samsung has already announced that it will improve video recording and calling features in its upcoming Galaxy smartphone in 2021. Laptop companies are