These technologies, which are changing people's diaries this year

These technologies, which are changing people's diaries this year

 The Covid 19 epidemic in 2020 devastated the world in many ways. But it also accelerated digital transformation.

2020 is a window for us, from which we can predict our new 2021. In the process of battling the epidemic, researchers have also developed many tech solutions for our personal and business lives.

Technology is helping us to get back to normal. Today we will tell you about some of the explorations of 2020, which will change your 2021.

An investigation created by the epidemic

Masks, webcams, sanitizers, many gadgets that 2019 did not even imagine. 2020 gave us a lot of that. Marketers are eager to capitalize on this new market. It looks like 2021 will be full of new gizmos.

One of the main areas is webcams. This is very important for continuous video calling. Samsung has already announced that it will improve video recording and calling features in its upcoming Galaxy smartphone in 2021.

Laptop companies are expected to follow suit, replacing their low-resolution webcams.

Manufacturers are now expected to launch a portable version of UV Sanitizer to clean phones and other device gadgets. A similar high-tech mask will become a tech solution in 2021.

Many of the devices we use include built-in features such as Bluetooth and microphone-enabled masks, fan-powered wearable air purifiers, LG Purecare and UV LED masks, and are expected to become even more so.

Air quality sensors, contract tracing assistants, and many other technologies are yet to come. Meanwhile, home security company SimpliSafe also made a social distance sweater. The sound alarm in the sweater gives an alarm when a person comes closer than 6 feet.

Laptop availability

Demand for laptops has grown at an all-time high due to work from home and online classes. Just last November, Apple unveiled the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. In which Apple used its own Amvan chip to permanently replace the Intel chip from its Mac brand.

Apple has taken the entire computing industry in a new direction, shifting from Intel's X86 architecture to a chip with its own low-powered arm technology, just like the iPhone.

Lenovo, Acer, and Microsoft have moved to the Qualcomm chip used by most Android phones and started releasing laptops for Windows and Chrome operating systems.

The series will gain even more momentum in 2021, as all major Windows PCs are now using Qualcomm chips in their laptops.

Apple plans to run its entire Mac lineup from its own processor from 2022. The company is also expected to build its long-awaited iMac on the same chip.

While tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft are using their own in-house chips on everything from laptops and servers to gadgets, Apple's move is no different.

Movie at home

How many movies will run in the theater in 2021 just like in your living room? You can now watch the Hollywood science fiction movie 'Dune' in your vacation room.

The movie 'Trolls World Tour', produced by Universal Pictures, was released online in April after the theaters closed. But unexpectedly, it broke the digital record and managed to earn १० 100 million from a platform like Apple TV.

After that, Disney launched 'Mulan' from the company's Disney Plus streaming service. Recently, at Christmas, 'Wonder Woman 1984' was released for free to all HBO Max subscribers. Warner Media also plans to release its entire 2021 slate on the online platform.

Netflix has been adopting this model for a long time and now Hollywood is also coming. According to AMC, Regal Cinemas, the second-largest theater chain in the United States, is losing 85 percent of its audience each year.

Augmented Reality

When will Apple release Smart Glass at Rs 2021? But Google has taken a big step in this area by acquiring North. Meanwhile, Facebook has also announced that it will launch Smart Glass in 2021 and that it will be Ray Buns.

Last September, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's chief executive, said the glasses would be another big step towards augmented reality. These glasses will not have any virtual object features to interact with the real world.

Named Assisted Glass, the technology will display text, image, and video feed within a person's field of view. Brian Ballard, CEO of remote expert company Upskill, says such technology is now very valuable.

Now that the use of remote video conferencing has increased, tech companies are eager to add value to the technology associated with employees' field of view.

Remote workout

In the first six months of 2020 alone, the number of downloads of health and fitness apps increased by 46 percent worldwide, according to MoEngage, a marketing research company.

With the closure of gyms, the price of fitness equipment has also gone up. Peloton, a company that makes smart spin bikes and treadmills, said it had tripled its revenue in just one quarter by the end of September.

Similarly, Lululemon Athletica acquired Mirror last June. Hospitals have also changed the way they do checkups. The hospital is using phones, interactive video, and messaging to reduce direct contact with people.

New telemedicine systems are also coming to market. The number of membership signups on the Virtual Primary Care Provider Plus Care app has increased by 460 percent this year.


It was rumored in 2020 that the 10 years of e-commerce would be completed in one quarter due to the epidemic. The epidemic taught people new and better ways to shop at home.

Warehouse retailers such as Cost said their e-commerce has grown exponentially. Walmart also brought a Walmart Plus membership program like Prime.

To compete with the growing number of eCommerce, he was adding new features. Similarly, Shopify, a small business online payment solution, also expanded its network.

Wave of subscriptions

Subscriptions are now added to everything. Your video streaming app, vegetable delivery service, cloud storage everything.

Online has turned everything into a service. We are still looking forward to the new offerings focused on new types of services. You may also need hardware.

For example, if Apple's fitness app becomes a new digital workout subscription, it will require an Apple Watch. In this way, tech companies are also becoming successful, which are selling their products by adding service to product and service to product.

If you have subscribed to a service, its value is on the rise. The company is also telling you to get accustomed to its services and now increase the subscription fee to add more necessary features and content.

Last June, YouTube TV increased its cable-like bundle by डलर 15. In October, Netflix increased its popular streaming plan. 12.99 to. 13.99.

Google has also started paying for its free Google photo storage tires. Disney raised the fee for Disney Plus by one dollar last March.

Trust fruit returns

There are many benefits to remote work. But it can't build trust among employees. There is no coffee shop or water cooler when working online. But employees who have been practicing remote working culture since before the epidemic have a solution: an off-site retreat.

Buffer, a company that specializes in remote work, brings its employees around the world together once a year. Most companies that work from home or away do the same. This is motivating the cottage industry to set up a retreat for such employees.

Therefore, in 2021, millions of employees will be working in a remote or hybrid working culture shift.