Unnecessary people got likes on Tiktok? Do this | Twitter shuts down Blue Tick verification service after abuse

Unnecessary people got likes on Tiktok? Do this

By default, Tiktok accounts are public. This means that anyone can see the content you put on Tiktok or your profile.

In this way, when the account is public, anyone can do a duet, stitch on the video you have uploaded or anyone can download your video. Some users may not like it, while others may not like it. If you have made your account private, other than approved accounts will not be able to view your profile or videos.

By making your account private, you can share video content only with friends you know. Follow the below procedure to make Tiktok account private.

- First of all open Tiktok app.

- After opening the app, go to the profile icon at the bottom right.


- And tap on the three lines on the top right.

- Then select the option of Settings and Privacy.

After going to Settings and Privacy, go to Privacy.

- After doing this, turn on the private account option there.

- This way you can make your Tiktok account private.

Twitter shuts down Blue Tick verification service after abuse

After the misuse of Buttick verification, Twitter has stopped the Blue subscription service which costs 8 dollars. The company stopped the service especially after common users started using Blue Tick with the names of famous people and brands.

Earlier this week, Twitter released the service for the iPhone app. Through which users could purchase Blue Tick. A blue tick used to confirm that a user's handle is official.

However, when Twitter started selling this service, it was misused. Stopping the service within a few days of its introduction has caused a setback to Elon Musk's plan to increase Twitter's income. The person in charge of the company stated that the paid subscription service has withdrawn from the service after taking a wrong turn.

It was mentioned that famous pharmaceutical company Lilly announced that it would provide free insulin from a fake account. Due to the blue tick on the account, the user was hooked. After that, the company's official Twitter handle requested to be cautious about false information.

The company's stock price began to fall rapidly due to the false message that was sent from the fake account. Many types of false information were also spread in the name of famous companies.

Because of this problem, Twitter advertisers also started having problems. Some stopped advertising on Twitter. The user claims that the company has removed the tick mark after the paid blue tick service started being misused. There is no official notification on this matter from Twitter.