This is how to search by speaking on Facebook | Facebook's 'Professional Mode', where you can earn money

This is how to search by speaking on Facebook

Facebook's parent company Meta has recently included various new features to make Facebook attractive. Last week Meta announced a special feature for Facebook groups. Among which, it was said that special features will be released to the admin to upload the reel to the group and manage the content.

Since a few days, users from different regions of the world have got a feature that allows them to make audio comments on Facebook groups. This feature is not available to all users. Especially users with old Facebook accounts are able to make audio comments only on the posts of special groups. For that, the user has to use the light version of the Facebook app.

Along with this, the company has also provided voice search feature. Users with audio comment feature can search for the content or account they need by speaking on Facebook. YouTube has been providing this feature to its users for the past few years.

Users who want to use the audio feature to search any content or ID on Facebook must use the Lite app. As this feature is being tested, only certain users have it. Go to the Facebook Lite app and tap on the search icon. Then you can see the microphone icon there.

After clicking on the microphone icon, Google's voice search box will open. You have to say what you want to search without doing anything there. Then the words you speak appear in the search box. After doing this, there are various suggestions. If what you want to search for is not in the suggestions, click the search icon on the keyboard. In this way, voice search can be done on Facebook Lite.

Facebook's 'Professional Mode', where you can earn money

Facebook has released professional mode targeting its users. The features of the Facebook page are also available in the Facebook account and income can also be earned from this mode.

What is the professional mode of Facebook?

The professional mode is the feature that makes it easy to promote your Facebook account professionally. Professional mode can be turned on to keep the Facebook account in the form of a page.

Advantages of Professional mode

Professional mode has various advantages. If you reach five thousand friends on Facebook, you cannot add new friends. For that, you have to turn on the follower option. However, when the professional mode is turned on, the follower option appears directly. And, the number of your Facebook friends and followers is added to the followers.

Similarly, you can turn on the professional mode to see how rich any post is. Even if other people don't like, comment or share your post, if they have seen the post, the number is visible in Facebook Rich. Facebook shows an account with professional mode on to more people, so your chances of growing followers are high.

Most importantly, you can also earn by turning on professional mode. Either by turning on the star gift option on your uploaded reel or by turning on the monetize tool, you can earn good income from professional mode.

If a post needs to be boosted (paid promotion), it cannot be boosted from a normal account. So if you want to use Facebook professionally, you can turn on professional mode.

How to turn on Professional Mode

After knowing about its benefits, now let's discuss about turning on the professional mode of Facebook. Follow the below procedure for that.

-First of all, open the Facebook app.

-Then click on the three lines shown above on the right.

- Now click on your profile photo and go to the timeline.

-Then click on the three dots next to the edit profile in the timeline.

- Then click on Turn on professional mode (Turn on professional mode) at the bottom.

-Now a page written about the benefits of professional mode opens. Go down and click on the option of Turn on.

- If you have put bio, cover photo, content on your profile, you don't need to do anything. However, if those things are not completed, put a cover photo from the option shown.

- Go to the section below and put a bio.

-Go to the option below and put your profile picture. (These options can also be skipped.)

- Wait for some time after completing all these processes. Then clear Facebook and open it again. Then your account will be converted into a professional account.

 Other people can be made friends from the professional account. However, others cannot send you friend requests. People who want to connect with you have to follow you. If you want to make the person you followed a friend, you can send a friend request.

How to remove professional mode

-First of all, open the Facebook app.

-Now click on the three lines on the right.

- Then click on your profile picture and go to profile.

- Click on the three dots next to 'Edit Profile'.

-Then click on turn up professional mode which is one step above the last one.

- Now your Facebook profile comes back to its old state.