What is the 'football intelligence' technology used in the World Cup 2022?

What is the 'football intelligence' technology used in the World Cup 2022?

Football World Cup 2022 starting from November 2022 is very popular because of the technology used in it. New technologies have been used in the World Cup to be held in Qatar. Meanwhile, the Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) is using a technology called 'Football Intelligence' in the World Cup 2022 this time.

You can get special information about each game in this World Cup. From the old history to the current performance of the players, the audience watching the game through TV or online will be able to know the details. FIFA is going to use football intelligence system for this.

FIFA believes that the use of this technology called football intelligence will make it easier to analyze the game. Each game in the World Cup will have its own unique set. Football Intelligence will show the activities on the set in the form of augmented reality on the screen. Augmented reality is a technology that presents computer-generated images as real.

FIFA has said that the football intelligence technology will also show different videos to clearly define the different statistics of the game. It can analyze not only what happens on the ball but also the movement around and off the ball when the player goes out of control.

Using the data provided by Football Intelligence, FIFA can easily analyze how the game is progressing. FIFA's high performance team includes football analysts, data scientists and data engineers. They have prepared football intelligence for the purpose of providing modern data and statistics.

By using this technology, you can get information about the things mentioned below.

Possession Control

Ball recovery time

line breaks

Defensive line height

Final third entry

Forced turnovers

The pressure on the ball

expected goal

Team size

A subject related to the midfield and defensive line

Stages of the game