MDMS website down after increased traffic with news of unregistered phones being blocked

 MDMS website down after increased traffic with news of unregistered phones being blocked

  The website of Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) of Nepal Telecommunication Authority is down. After the publication of the news that the authority will shut down the phones that are not registered in MDMS after Monday, the website was down because it could not handle the traffic.

The last date given by the authority to register phones in the system is ending today, Monday. Achutanand Mishra, co-spokesperson of the authority, said that the site was down when most of the users tried to register at the same time.

"Many customers may have tried to register their phones. That's why the site is down due to high traffic," said Mishra, "We are understanding what the solution can be."

Currently, when searching for in the browser, one can see the message 'This site cannot be reached'.

  The regulator Nepal Telecommunication Authority has finally decided to implement the rule that mobile phones cannot be used in Nepal without registration.

In a conversation with Tekpana, the chairman of the authority, Purushottam Khanal, informed that this system is going to be implemented with 'high-end' and expensive smartphones.

"We are starting the implementation of MDMS from the new iPhone 15 series," he said, "at the initial stage, we are shutting down the phones of that series that are operating in Nepal without registration."

According to Chairman Khanal, about 2,500 smartphones of the iPhone 15 series, which were recently introduced in the market, were found to be operating without being registered in the MDMS. He said that after 9 pm tomorrow, those phones will stop working inside Nepal.

"We are not shutting down all the phones, including the cheap ones, so that they do not work in Nepal at once, but we are starting with the expensive phones," President Khanal said further, "After the iPhone 15, we will include other flagship phones."

The authority issued a notice on this 4th October and informed that the mobiles which are not registered in MDMS will not work after 15 days.

The authority has made it clear that telecommunications services will be interrupted on phones that are not registered in the system. Also, even before the authority extended the deadline for implementing MDMS many times, this system could not be fully implemented. Due to the same context, some people still do not take seriously the notification of the authority of non-operation of unregistered mobile phones.