The new door must be opened

The new door must be opened

The days are changing. The technology education market is also changing. The time is coming for Liberal Arts Education. This new kind of education prepares us to face the challenges of the new world.

Times are changing, the world of education is also changing. Engineering with Competitive Exams: Many of your students have had a simple formula for so long. But now is the time to change that. Our country has changed a lot with the opportunity of outsourcing, in this direction, Kovid has turned upside down. In the Trump-Brexit market, there are very few such business opportunities, but even more so in technology and business. Indian companies have been very successful in body-shopping for so long. But the old way of working,  writing computer programs, creating accounts, customer service এ is now being done with a lot of tools.

The good news is that new technology is as effective in one hand as it is in the other. As a result, new career opportunities are being created together. Writing stories, making video games, doing research on the internet what used to be a hobby, are now becoming a profession. And so, to understand these new opportunities, to take control of your own life, you can think of studying Liberal Arts Education at the undergraduate level.

I want a new path

This trend of education has spread from America to all over the world. Despite the emphasis on technology education in our country for the last thirty years, now the idea is changing. The key message of the new education policy recently approved by the Union Ministers is that now is the time for Liberal Arts Education! The advancement of technology has created a different environment and only liberal arts education can give us the opportunity of this new economy, this education policy has in a way acknowledged that. The days of walking in the dream of our current education system are over we have to find new ways.


What's the matter?

There is, of course, the debate over what we mean by liberal arts education. Some modern private universities have portrayed liberal arts education in the United States as a preparation for postgraduate studies এক as a way to pursue a luxurious education detached from life. Benjamin Franklin, a scientist, inventor, author, and one of the founding fathers of the United States, jokingly called this kind of teaching the "teaching of holding a knife and fork at the dinner table." This type of education is definitely not a liberal arts education, it has no desire to broaden the mind, make contact with real life,, and deal with global change.

Again, some people think of it as Liberal Arts Education, the education of Indian tradition. This idea is also not correct. Own cultural heritage, values ​​are an integral part of this education, but liberal arts education cannot be just traditional education. Its main character is curiosity — about life, about the world, about all accepted ideas. Tradition and culture may be the foundation of liberal arts education, but its goal is to connect with modern life. In order to be liberal, liberal arts education has to know the ideas of all countries and accept them in itself.

What can you do later?

Work in various roles in the digital and non-digital media or entertainment sectors. Editing, content writing, content producer,, etc.

Product Designer, Product Manager.

Marketing Specialist in Business Management. Or a market researcher.

Teaching and research work.

Work with social services and constructive organizations.

Whatever you think, Liberal Arts Education is liberation from bookish education. In the old days, the British Raj incorporated into the curriculum the writings of British reformers of the time, including Burke, Bentham,, and Mill, into modern education in India, but these reformist ideas had no place in the teachings of imperialism. So books, especially English books, have a special place in Indian education. Students are taught to memorize, not to discuss, think,, or ask questions. But even after the departure of the British, that tradition is still going on. One of my school-life teachers used to say, "Nothing is always true if it is printed in English." In the same way, bringing Sanskrit, Arabic,, or Bengali instead of English will not change the situation. No, not memorizing books, life-oriented education, curious education is the essence of Liberal Arts Education.

Another common idea about this education is that it is a mixture of various subjects — some literature, some history, some science, some psychology, and so on. The idea is wrong. Liberal arts education is the teaching of being human. Its purpose is to expand the scope of knowledge, as well as to make clear the addition of all things to each other.


The goal of education

I can say, first of all, this teaching is the teaching of liberation the teaching to think like yourself, to ask questions, to know the world as yourself. Frederick Douglas, a U.S. social reformer and diplomat, wrote that liberal arts education had made him unable to accept slavery. The liberation of ideas, the liberation of imagination, the liberation of creation a great resource in today's changing times.

Second, the Liberal Arts Education changes the relationship around us. Seeing beauty, discovering it in daily life is a prerequisite for a healthy happy life. Feeling the beauty in our conventional life is an urgent step.

Third, this teaching teaches us to live with one another. In the selfish rat race of modern life, in political divisions, our social life is plagued today. In the words of Raghuram Rajan, former Governor of the Reserve Bank of India and an economist, "Social life is the third pillar of our modern life - it is of equal importance to the state and the market." Liberal arts education not only teaches questions and arguments but it also teaches respect for the opinions and lifestyles of others.


A few words at the end

With Liberal Arts Education we can think of a new way of life. Advances in technology are turning our sorted lives upside down. We will be able to control this change and use it, or we will be pushed into an economic and social catastrophe by controlling it, but it will depend on whether we can control the technology with our intellect or not. Liberal arts education is an education to increase that understanding.

When I went to college, I thought I had a good future. What profession I would be in, where I would be — everything was planned. But none of that happened in reality. Life is moving in a new direction due to the internet and globalization.

As an English writer, H. G. Wells put it, "Civilization is a race between education and disaster." Now, in the midst of the Corona outbreak, a massive economic catastrophe is about to take place in the world. And new opportunities are coming. But the old ideas will not open the door to this new opportunity. This time you have to open that door with the opportunity of Liberal Arts Education.