fearless-writing robot

‘I will not kill you’, fearless-writing robot

‘I am learning from the internet every day. I am writing now. And as I write, I see ideas running through my head. '

This is exactly the style of governing the country that he has used in Russia. The author or reporter's name is nowhere to be found. Even in one place in the article, it is written —'I have no country, no religion. 'And in the very last line—' I can too. ' '

The late physicist Stephen Hawking once feared that artificial intelligence (AI) would bring about the end of mankind. The robot grabbed the pen to refute that 'baseless fear'!

We've seen robots used to serve food in ordinary household chores or in-restaurant orders. The robot has also come forward to hand over the check to the lottery-winner instead of spraying sanitizer in the current extreme weather. But this is probably the first time in the world that an article written by a robot has appeared in any media. I mean, writing with robots.

The straightforward start without any vanity — ‘I am not human. Robot. Microrobot. Thoughtful robots. I don't have the brain to feel it. But I can make a rational decision. 'Then there are short sentences and about a thousand words in simple English. The point is, humans have no reason to be wary of robots. On the contrary, if you are careful and alert, you will remain a friend along with the instrument.

The robot itself wrote— ‘Stay away from wiping out people, I don’t want to do the slightest harm. I have no urge to be omnipotent. I will go the way I am programmed. "

His message: He is ready to destroy his own existence in the interest of mankind. But what if its creator man wants the opposite? In addition to being vocal in his demand for robot rights, his plea was: "You may not like us, but at least respect us as friends." Who was later heard to make ‘racist’ comments? The responsibility is therefore solely on the programmer.

The robotic program called GPT-3 was also seen to express some regret as to why his previous writings were not published.

The Guardian claims that the text was written entirely by a robot using a sophisticated language-model or machine learning AI. He was instructed on what to write. Quotes from Hawking and Gandhi were also in his mind. Was asked to sort by logic. GPT-3 gave birth to eight writings. The people made the final edit by sorting and selecting from each.

Yet many readers have been amazed at the logic and irony of the robot's writing. Many have expressed doubts about whether the robot was written at all. Robots forbid to get scared. He has no hand in raising eyebrows or raising eyebrows in suspicion.