Robot Sophia won the heart by singing! See what song he sang ...

Robot Sophia won the heart by singing! See what song he sang ...

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the way robots operate. This time the world saw that sample in the 'Tonight Show' of the popular American TV presenter Jimmy Fallon. There, Sophia, the world's first artificial intelligence robot, sang a duet with Jimmy.

Various robots were guests at Fallon's November 21 "Tonight Show." Along with Sophia, MIT's robot 'Mini Cheetah' and tomato-feeding robot 'Tomatina' were also present in the show that day. However, the response of the audience was clear that Sophia was the center of attraction.

After ‘Mini Cheetah’ and ‘Tomato’ came out, Sophia entered the stage. After the initial conversation, Fallon asks her if she can sing. In reply, Sophia said that with the blessing of artificial intelligence, she has also mastered singing.

Fallon and Sophia then began singing Christina Aguilera's popular romantic song "She's Something." But not just the song, Sophia's brilliant answer to Fallon's question has won the hearts of the audience.

This is not the future citizen of Saudi Arabia!

She looks a lot like Hollywood heroine Audrey Hepburn. The name is Sophia. He is perfect for answering any kind of face, any kind of question.

It would not be wrong to call Sofia a young woman. But he is not a man-made of flesh and blood. What if?

This Sophia is the Intelligence Humanoid Robot. He has been trained in the laboratory of Hanson Robotics. Sophia recently became the world's first robot to recognize citizenship. And that citizenship will be given by Saudi Arabia.

Sofia was recently brought to Riyadh for an interview at a media office. He was just trying to sample how smart he was, how intelligent he was. Standing on the podium, he was quickly answering the anchor's question. At one point he was asked about Artificial Intelligence, its programming. Asked about her motives, Sophia said, "I want to use artificial intelligence to improve human life."

The world's first robot-man Sophia wanted to kill people!

Sophia is an intelligent humanoid robot. He has been trained in the laboratory of Hanson Robotics.

David Hanson was responsible for creating Sophia. He has a worldwide reputation for creating such human-robots.

Sophia is the most modern of the robots made in Hanson Robotics' laboratory. He is perfect at answering any question quickly.

He was seen standing in front of the news media very efficiently. He was seen answering any question fluently. Singing in a melodious voice has also been heard.

Not only in front of the media, but Sophia has also been seen speaking fluently with business representatives and industrialists.

He was also seen in the discussion stage. Sofia was also seen attending high-level conferences.

Sophia is going to recognize citizenship as the first robot in the world. He will get this citizenship in Saudi Arabia. Saudi women have been seen taking selfies with him at various events. While the controversy is growing, when millions of people are dubbed as stateless citizens, a robot is about to get Saudi citizenship.

Sofia was recently brought before a media office in Riyadh for an interview. In response to a question, he said that his aim is to improve human life. Although his first words were that he wanted to kill people. The debate started after that. Wouldn't this modern rote be the cause of human destruction?