Fake intellect, real work

Fake intellect, real work

In order to transform from an emerging country to a developed country, productivity must be increased and for that, 'fake intelligence is the real medicine', claims Bhaskara Chakraborty (26-7). Production will increase, the country will improve; But what will happen to producers and potential producers (unemployed masses)? His medicine, according to the author, is a fake intellect. As the quality of the machine increases, so does the productivity, but the more new work is created, the more the old work disappears, much more. As a result, the number of unemployed does not decrease, but increases. Everyone will agree that the 'fake intelligence' that has been discovered so far, if not the most important thing, is definitely different from everyone else in terms of quality. It is a well-known fact that every human being can and does be monitored by using a 'fake intelligence' through a Facebook-type app on a smartphone. Even if he removes the issue, for now, he wants work, he wants work for the unemployed. What happens to hungry people if productivity increases, if the country develops from emerging? With the help of 'fake intellect', beautiful Pichairas will earn Rs 2 crore every day, and countless people will cry for food due to lack of work, this thing cannot last long.

It could continue if producers could be relaxed by reducing working hours, as a private company in New Zealand has been able to do. Work those eight hours daily, while attending only four days a week. Increased productivity, increased quality of life of employees. This is about the producers, about those who have jobs. Those who are not going to be given jobs, what will happen to the unemployed? If such an alternative could not be traced, the mere triumph of the 'fake intellect' of the sculptors would be as unbearable to many as Nero's violin playing.


2 In the context of the news item titled 'Schoolbag is 9 kg' (23-6), I would like to say, please do not print what the law says about it. Because it is not possible to solve all the issues of society with law. The real situation is completely different. From parents to teachers, everyone is passing the matter. And in the case of his own school, he is washing his hands while cleaning. To solve this problem, we need a humane approach and a new way of thinking out of the familiar thinking table. Car-pool is now a very popular idea to save the environment. In the same way, if four people sit on the same bench and bring one subject book each, they all have to carry two subject books throughout the day, if there are eight periods in school. It is also possible to develop various human qualities in them, which have been looked at in the formative evaluation. Spiral Binding, on the other hand, has six shares in the register of a reputed company. The idea of ​​such an account can also be fruitful. There can be six things. The government is now giving school books to schools. Such an account can be planned. But the real thing is, do we have time to think about all this? Or do we just go on and on about the routine paperwork? And I will shed tears when I see the tormented face of my own child!

Or to save the back bent under the weight of the book, will the Central Board's book be halved from next year — would we welcome such a foolish decision?

100 of the police

For the first time in my life, I needed to call the police number 100. Most people like me don't call this number once and don't do it a second time. I called for an emergency. An acquaintance called and said that a group of students were on strike at a college near Uluberia and that students and teachers were not being allowed out through the gates. Those who have come from Kolkata and other places are worried about returning home, as the news is that they may have to spend the whole night in college. Again, the students have been forced to leave the classroom, because the students have been on strike all day, exhausted, left their clothes and spread their arms and legs in the classroom. In other words, I have to leave the class, there is no way to return home from college.

I called 100 asking for police help in that regard. After a couple of words, I heard an annoying voice from the other side, "Hey, Grandpa, this is an emergency number." Tell me how to know? The policeman then said, "Wow, you called Lalbazar without any information! What do we do if we don’t know the local police station? ”I said,“ If there is any danger, you should call here. Do what you have to do this time. Answer: Will the force go from Lalbazar to Uluberia? You contact the local police station. "

Is there any need for this number other than to confuse people a little more in danger?

The violin

Another translation

Debashis Gharai writes in his article 'Papa' (Sunday, 19-6) that liberated Paris from Nazism: '' 'Defeated' 'and' lost 'mean defeated. Therefore, it is better to translate Hemingway's famous sentence — A man can be destroyed but not defeated: in this way: "Man can be destroyed but not defeated."

One mistake

I give a check to the agent for an insurance policy, but forget to sign the check. That's why my bank fined me 234 rupees. Again, for the same mistake, my insurance company also fined me Rs 300. The mistake of ordinary people like me (234 + 300) money! The question is, can I be fined twice for the same mistake?