MSN News Stories shifts to AI, save dozens of employees

MSN News Stories shifts to AI, save dozens of employees

Dozens of Microsoft employees have lost their jobs due to workforce automation. According to a report in Seattle Times and the Guardian, Microsoft has fired dozens of employees for using artificial intelligence for MSN News Stories. Microsoft has laid off 50 employees in the United States and 27 in the United Kingdom. These employees will no longer work for the company after June 30.

These employees were responsible for news selection, editing, and presentation. However, full-time employees at the company will continue to work as before.

In a statement to the Times, Microsoft said that the dismissal of these employees was not related to the ongoing global epidemic.

However, in real life, this is an important cause of job loss due to it.

The question is whether such large-scale automation will be effective. An employee fired by the company feared that artificial intelligence would not be able to comply with strict editorial guidelines, such as violent content. Remove it immediately. It is also a test of artificial intelligence to see if it is feasible to save.