Jobs that robots can't take away in the future

Jobs that robots can't take away in the future

There is no doubt that computers, robots, artificial intelligence will take up a number of jobs in the coming days. According to a 2017 study, robots will lose about 600 million jobs worldwide by 2030. Already a large part of the work like cashier, telemarketing, umpiring is being controlled by computer.

Advances in technology mean that the need for people to work decreases. And the more we move towards automation, the less they need for staff. But there are some things that robots can't do. What are those tasks?

Where personality is needed, such a job cannot be taken away by a robot. Where there is compassion, judgment, natural instincts, building efficient relationships, they will not go into the hands of robots. As a result, those who work as caretakers, nurses, doctors, and even vendors are not afraid of losing their jobs.

The task of completing a contract, where complex decisions need to be made, is unlikely for robots to succeed in the near future.

Experts say those who are involved in humanitarian planning, strategic skills, where needed, such as politics, consulting work, or business, are safe in terms of profession.

But who saw the future?