Increasing use of employee monitoring software at work from home

Increasing use of employee monitoring software at work from home

Cebu Phillips is the founder of Transcend. Transcend is a London-based company that buys beauty products at wholesale and resells online.

Since last year, he has been tracking his employees using Hubstaff software. With this software, they can check the working hours of employees, keystrokes, mouse movements, and visited websites.

Seven Philips employees live and work in India. He says that with the help of this software, 'accountability' is ensured. He says that it has also managed the time difference.

"I know you can take an extra 10 minutes. It's a good idea to have an automated way to monitor what my employees are doing, 'says Sibu.' I can tell by looking at the screenshots who is spending how much time on what work. I can tell if they are completing the process or not. '

"If they're doing better than I expected, I'll study the photos and share them with other members of my team to help them improve," he said. "Everyone I know uses the software."

Sibu says they can delete the time spent on the website if they have visited the website unknowingly during the break.

Most people are now working from home due to the coronavirus epidemic. Therefore, the demand for employee monitoring software has increased in the market now.

Hub Staff Software, a US-based hub, said its customer base in the UK had quadrupled in annual growth since February.

Another company's software technology, called Sneak, takes pictures of employees' laptops and devices and sends them to their peers.

The software takes photos every minute. Sneak Company considers itself a communication platform. Whether it's an employee or a company, he has been saying that this app will provide the same experience to everyone and will not be different.

Sneak co-founder Dale Curry says its users have increased fivefold during the lockdown. At present, the company is serving a total of 20,000 people.

A recent study by scholars from Cardiff and the University of Southampton found a kind of fear in the leadership of employers.

The company's producers affected by the epidemic and the war are fearful of more dire situations when employees practicing work from home turn a blind eye to work.

One-third of those surveyed admitted that their productivity had dropped while working from home.

But now technology has become such support, which can help those who want to work and catch job thieves. Jose, a 26-year-old London-based photographer, has found that the hardest thing he has learned while working from home is the decline in his creativity.

Setting up a studio in his three-room flat is a very challenging task for him in terms of logistics. But he says he's blessed that his boss doesn't use tracking software.

Research by the Charter Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has shown that some bosses who use this type of monitoring software argue that it maintains productivity.

Workplace surveillance has been shown to undermine trust. "Monitoring employee performance appraisals reduces the risk of misconduct and helps manage performance," says Johnny Gifford, Senior Advisor on Institutional Temperature Research at CIPD.

However, he said that the employer company should have a clear policy on the issue of monitoring and the employees should be aware that they are being monitored. He stressed that monitoring should always be proportional. He says all companies that use monitoring software should have a clear written policy.


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